Angie's Goodbye (MorpheusShipping and others)
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Thread: Angie's Goodbye (MorpheusShipping and others)

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    Default Angie's Goodbye (MorpheusShipping and others)

    Hello, fellow Pokémon fans. I am relatively new here, and just discovered this area of the forum. I've written some stories lately, that are linked together to form a chain of fictional anime episodes, centered about Ash and Angie. But as the title of the thread suggests, others also make an appearance, and there are even some shippy moments for other possible pairings of Pokémon characters.

    Some stories have been combined in larger stories, with multiple chapters, and some are still listed as single stories, although they all have an episode number, indicating their place in the stream of events. So you should be able to keep track of what story goes where.

    Well, I could tell a lot more about these fanfics, but I'd better let the stories themselves do the talking, so here's the link:

    Any comments are welcome, and I hope you'll enjoy at least some of them.

    P.S. if you support pairing Ash with Angie, there is a special MorpheusShipping thread, right here on Bulbapedia! Surf here: Morpheusshipping - Ash & Angie
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    Hold on, you're not allowed to do this. Post the story directly.

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    Default Re: Angie's Goodbye (MorpheusShipping and others)

    You really didn't read the rules at all, did you? You've been here for long enough--says you have 313 posts--to know to do that. And the rules say that fics have to be posted HERE.


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