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    I just thought that I'd try writing a story based on the mystery dungeon series. Please feel free to comment on the first chapter and how it is.
    Chapter 1- Alpha's Destiny

    Alpha’s Destiny
    Chapter 1

    Alpha woke up under the tree, feeling disoriented. Where am I? He thought, and then panicking, noticing that he had suddenly become much shorter. He was next to a lake, so he went and saw his reflection, which did not help his panic. Instead of the young, 14 year old boy that he expected, he got a Lillipup staring back at him! He tried desperately to remember what had happened, and all of a sudden a rush of memories returned to him. He could hear the Liepard cackling as the dark energy swirled around him, and all because he had tried to battle him. A Patrat was passing by, and Alpha stopped him and asked about a Liepard like the one he remembered. “Everybody knows that guy”, answered the Patrat, “Why? Are you one of his victims?”. “yes” answered Alpha. “Well, I heard that there is somebody that can reverse it, but I’m not sure who. However, if you go to Opelucid City and ask the gym leader’s Haxorus, I’m sure he can tell you all about who to ask. I can even take you, if you want,” the Patrat said. “By the way, my name is Buck, but everyone calls me Sharpshooter. What’s your name?” “I’m Alpha, he answered. “Well, let’s get going” said Sharpshooter, leading him toward a bridge.
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