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    All Because Of Her
    Red had it all, he defeated Team Rocket and the pokemon league, but he disappeared without a trace. Everyone asks why? This is his tale of how it really happened, not the way you see it, but how he does. Based on the Leaf Green Games, read to see how it happened all because of her.

    Table of Content
    Chapter 1 Up the Mountain

    Chapter 1: Up the Mountain
    “Couldn’t of he picked a warmer place to disappear?” she asked herself, if these reports were false, she didn’t want to think about what she would do then.
    Leaf had almost made it to the top of Mt. Silver, the bitter cold was biting at her skin; she wished she had worn something heavier than her usual attire. She pulled her hat down to shield her eyes from the blizzard, oh where was he? It seemed like she was going in circles, all the caves looked exactly the same and the trainers were slowing her down, “What on earth possessed him to climb up here?” she muttered to herself, some of the trainers gave her funny looks, she had been talking to herself the entire time she was there, she sneered at them.`
    She really didn’t want to be there, but Blue was busy with the gym so supposedly it was her responsibility to bring Red back. After Red defeated Blue, he was supposed to be crowned champion and take Blue’s place, but at the ceremony he was nowhere to be found. Blue tried to track him down for the longest time, but when the responsibility of the gym was place on his shoulders, he started to cause problems for the trainers who wanted to challenge him because he left for long periods of time. His sister Daisy, and the pokemon league, scolded him saying he had to take more responsibility with the gym or it would be taken away from him, and he had already had one title snatched from him shortly after he earned it. The search slowed and eventually came to a stop; it was just recently they received reports of Red being on the top of Mt. Silver, of all places.
    Blue was going to go along find his long lost rival, “No he had a “Gym Conference” and would maybe come later if he had time.” Sometimes that Blue irritated her, when she left he told her he would smell her later in a teasing tone leading her to believe this “conference” was a ploy to get out of coming along, “Actually,” she said, “it’s better he didn’t come on along, who would want to travel with such a Jerk anyway.” Leaf was not in a good mood and she was taking it out on Blue, actually during Red’s absence Leaf and Blue became good friends and rivals, it started out as him challenging her to battles, filling the emptiness of not being able to show off to Red, he was now more serious and kinder then most people, including his gramps, thought her would ever be. Red missed all the changes in his rival, and Blue is the kind of person that needs him, an opponent, to excel so Leaf filled his place, but it wasn’t the same. Without Red life seemed empty, whenever Red was around adventure happened, bad guys were vanquished and battles won.
    As she walked on, the amount of trainers diminished, soon she was the only one for miles, so undisturbed it took her three days to scale the mountain, she ached all over and there was so much frost clinging to her, she was afraid she would stop moving altogether, you must understand how she felt when she just saw him standing still like a statue at the peak looking like he hadn't a care in the world, she wanted to kill that boy. “I swear Red, you always choose the most delightful places to be.” she said, silence, she made sure he wasn’t frozen solid, but that was not the case he had worn warm clothes and was fine, besides from the fact he was acting like a mime. “Excuse me, Red,” she said louder, nothing still, “Red, listen to me,” she was yelling now, still no response.
    “Do you know how much has happened because you left?” he finally turned toward her, “Everyone was worried, people searched for days for you, your mom puts on an act around other people but I’ve seen her cry, for hours always saying the same thing, that the T.V. said all children leave home at one point, people thought you were dead!” she was screaming so loud that the people at the bottom of the mountain could have heard it, “And you know, you’ve crushed the dreams of millions of pokemon trainers who participate in the league? Even if those little kids beat the Elite four they face Lance and even if they beat him, it won’t count, the rules say they have to beat the champion to win and that’s you!”
    “Not anymore,” was his reply.
    “What do you mean?” she said, caught off guard.
    “I’m not the master anymore,” he replied.
    “Has all this snow gone to you head? You beat elite four not to mention Blue,” she started.
    “A girl came up the mountain and challenged me, her name was Lyra,” he paused, “and she won,” he turning away she saw tears fall into the snow.
    “What happened to you,” her voice trailed off, this was not the same person she knew years ago the one who stopped Team Rocket, “Why did this happen.”
    “Because I’m a coward,” he said bitterly.
    “No you aren’t,” she protested, “You took down Giovanni single handedly, you are the hero!”
    “I’m not the hero, she is,” he looked off into the night sky, silently wishing on the stars.
    “Who is this she?” Leaf asked not believing what she was hearing.
    “She is the reason I climbed this mountain, why I got so far in the league,” he said,
    “You have to tell me it all, you owe everyone you concerned at least that much,” she said, he nodded his head.
    They both sat in the snow, cross legged across from each other, as the moon rose into the night sky Red began his tale, “Her name was Janice, she wasn’t a very impressive trainer when I met her, I was way out of her league, at the time I had just defeated Brock and was headed to Mt. Moon, I was trying to avoid all the trainers at all costs, but I stepped into her line of sight and of course she challenged me, I didn’t have much of a choice then but now I’m so glad I battled her.”
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