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    Default after the shadowmancer.

    after the shadowmancer.
    by "starlight" (lady lucifer)

    special thanks to my friends and girlfriend for supporting me in every way possible.
    for everyone.

    the following story contains sexual themes, explicit swearing, violence/gore, drug/alcohol usage and abuse, and sensitive material (i.e, self harm, depression, suicide, mental illness, sexual assault/rape, child abuse, and homoerotic themes).
    reader discretion is advised.

    table of contents:
    season one: "crescent moon"

    season two: "half moon"

    season three: "full moon"

    season four: "new moon"

    season one: "crescent moon"

    chapter one - the package

    Rain is a funny thing. Sometimes you wake up to it and say “Shit, it's raining.” and go back to sleep, disregarding school or work or whatever the fuck you do in your miserable life.

    I'm different. I like to walk in it; hell, days like these make me... What's that word again? Oh, right, happy. Happy's too generic though; how about joyful or delightful or even frolicsome. I bet people never use frolicsome. Who came up with those big words anyway? Some dude from, like, one A.D who had no television or Internet and had nothing better to do than make up words that nobody would ever use in their vocabulary?

    Except, of course, for the super geeks.

    Why am I even talking about this? It's just different words for the same thing. Why should I give a shit as to what those old geezers did “back in the day” where people drove chariots and stuff?

    I'm talking about now. And now is me walking on the sidewalk, in the pouring rain, a hood over my head and my face staring at the sidewalk as I trot along. You might say I was limping; I had broken my leg in the most ridiculous accident where I was trying to fix the light bulb in the kitchen light which was waaay up in that super high ceiling and I had to use a ladder to get to it.

    I lost my balance and fell off. That's not what hurt my leg; it did probably bruise it though. How I broke my leg was when the ladder fell straight on it. Damn, did that shit hurt like fuck. I was screaming and cursing like crazy, losing my voice in the long run and having to receive a very painful ride to the nearest hospital where they put it back together again. That was several months ago. It's healed up mostly now but I still have a limp and it still hurts now and then, but it's a dull throbbing pain and I usually relieve it with a dose of Vicodin.

    Speaking of which, I needed to have my prescription refilled again while I'm at my usual physical; which was where I was heading right now.

    I wondered if I should have taken the bus. I could have taken my car, I mean, I would have taken my car if the fucking battery hadn't fucking died on me. So now I have to take the shitty bus which most likely means I'll be sitting next to an old lady who can't stop fucking farting and smells like cat shit. What a treat.

    As you can tell, I'm not the most optimistic person in the world, and I may as well never be.

    I finally made my way towards the bus stop, standing amongst a group of people who were waiting on the main road for it to come. The bustling sounds of Jubilife, Sinnoh's largest city, chorused around me and I breathed in the scent of smoke and air pollution.

    This place is really nice.

    I paced around as I waited impatiently for the bus. My appointment was at five-thirty; it's fucking five already! I need to get there on time! I don't want to reschedule; that takes time and makes my already very small patience disappear.

    I mumbled and grumbled curses under my breath, my ever-so-slight limp starting to get on my nerves. It was starting to hurt again. I would sit down, but the bench is full and the last thing I need is to sit in a puddle and get my ass wet.

    You may say I complain too much. I'm as grumpy as a cankerous old man. Is it the pain? No. I'm always irritable like this. I always want things my way. Perfect. Not tainted. Exactly correct.

    This isn't correct. It's an abomination. I really wish I could control time right now.

    Time. The thought of my brother's death oh-so many years ago still tampers with my emotions. I screwed my already scowling face into an even deeper frown. Now that Dialga was gone, my mother had to control time. Palkia was too clumsy, I had my hands full. No one else could do it but her.

    Now here comes the interesting part about me that you may have already guessed. I am Giratina, in human form. Why am I in human form? I'm in hiding, to put it in simpler terms. Basically, I burned down Floaroma Town for no reason whatsoever except the fact that I am a huge sadist.

    So, now the government's after me. At first, when I heard the news, I tried to seek refuge in the Reverse World; my world. But, alas, the bastards seemed to know I would try to hide there, so now they guard most of the portals and they'll probably know if I pop in even a pinky toe into the Reverse World.

    The only thing I could do was become human. Again.

    Notice the word again. Yes, I have been a human before. How, you ask? Simple; some dick by the name of the Shadowmancer decided it would be funny if he could get his revenge on Ho-Oh, who broke his heart, by making a virus that would turn us into humans, suck our power and grant it to him, and eventually kill us. I can't blame Ho-Oh, as I used to love her once. She tried the best she could. She was one of the first of our comrades to die. Must I name the memorable dead? Ho-Oh, Lugia, Rayquaza, Shaymin, Darkrai, Dialga, Zapdos... They were all heartbreaking. I don't want to think about them anymore and I refuse to let my emotions get the better of me whenever I do. It's done, they're gone, there's nothing I can do anymore.

    Enough of that; I looked around at the others standing in wait for the bus, checking their phones and watches for the time, some talking, some just standing there.

    I blinked my scarlet red eyes, my eyelashes full of rain drops. I must look like death to them; my blond hair was a spiky mess as always and my white t-shirt and jeans were loosely fit. I had a black hoodie on despite the fact it wasn't that cold; it was basically for protection from the rain. The water was still soaking through the fabrics though and I had to admit it was a shitty and ghetto way of not getting wet.

    Finally, after what seemed like forever, the bus arrived. I scrambled to get on board before the others. I showed the bus driver my bus pass (don't ask how I have one, I just got one just in case) and sat in the very back of the bus (which was thankfully vacant), sitting near the window and staring out at the gloomy sky as the others boarded. I looked at the others as they took their seats in the corner of my eye. I saw somebody look my way, give me an odd look, and took a seat elsewhere. I snorted under my breath and looked back out the window.

    It was funny; I was just as I always was, introverted and shunning the other pathetic humans out of my life. I cared about nobody, except Cresselia; which brings up another topic. Cresselia and I have been friends for a long time, maybe even more than friends. We don't really consider ourselves boyfriend and girlfriend, but I feel I'd be lost without Cresselia with me. I care so much for her, and hopefully she cares the same amount for me. Yes, she is rather demanding of me and pushy and she says she can hardly deal with me, but, we always make up in the end.

    There was little to no talk on the bus. Whatever I heard was muffled because I had slightly blocked it out. I had no interest in what the others were saying, but if I so much heard them say “that boy over there” I would prick my ears. What I hate most is people talking about me behind my back.

    Well, I guess I had a reason to be talked about and made fun of. Yeah, I look like a sad little emo kid with no life. I get it. I'm not though, I'm the exact opposite. I can show emotion and be happy when I want to be, but just not with... Certain people, I guess.

    Call it what you will, I don't care. They can talk about me all they want, but they should know they have an order of a knuckle sandwich coming up whether they like it or not.

    It was twenty minutes later when the bus finally pulled up to the doctor's office right beside the Pokemon Center. It kind of sucks considering Pokemon get free health insurance that's paid for by the government and humans get all these expensive bills and crap. I find it unfair, and a lot of people protest about it on the streets these days. The economy's been shit lately and because of the debt Sinnoh is in, they have been raising taxes on everything. I, for one, have a rather well paying job, but still, I can barely afford medical coverage at all and basically if I don't have insurance then the hospital's here won't take care of you, dying or not.

    So, I guess I have to keep my insurance and lower on the shopping. Too bad Cresselia likes to overdose on clothes with my credit card, adding on to that bill. Life is hectic when you're only sixteen and out of your parent's house. Well, I had no place else to stay, so this is my only chance.

    I walked inside, pushing the revolving doors and appearing in the lobby dripping water all over the clean and glossy tile floor. I shook myself like a wet dog, receiving stern looks from some people at the reception counter as well as people sitting in the waiting room near the door.

    I went up to the reception counter, tapping my fingers on the mahogany to gain the receptionist's attention. She looked at me, smiled despite the fact that I sprayed water everywhere, and I stated my name, who I was having an appointment with and she told me to sit in the waiting room politely.

    I made a sharp turn on the heels of my black sneakers and walked over to the waiting room on the left, my shoes making squeaking noises every time I put my foot down.

    The waiting room was a cluster of dark red and neon blue chairs arranged in a square, small glass end tables with health and beauty magazines scattered across their surface dividing a group of red chairs from the blue. There was a small, ornate rug in the middle that did not go with the flow of the room at all. There were only two people in the waiting room; a little old lady sitting with a crochet in her lap and knitting a pink scarf and a bald man staring at the dirt in his fingernails. They sat across from each other so I decided to sit on the bald man's side, in the farthest corner away from him.

    I didn't sit and glower at the others, I just looked up at the ceiling, bored out of my mind and counting the cracks in the white plaster. It was kind of idiotic, but I didn't have anything better to do, and I didn't want to randomly start staring at somebody.

    Luckily, the old lady was called back. She picked up her huge cherry red purse, placed her crochet stuff in it and gingerly sat up, walking rather slowly toward the nurse that was calling her from a door adjacent to the waiting room.

    I stopped staring at the ceiling for a bit, twiddling my thumbs instead. It was the bald guy's turn next so I assumed I would be called soon. I sighed and checked my watch. Only ten minutes had passed thought it felt like one hundred. I guess I was that impatient. I scowled a little and sagged in the blue chair I was in.

    I jumped a little when the nurse called for me, “Kage! Dr. Vaultner is ready to see you!”

    Shrugging off my mini heart attack I walked to the door, gave the nurse a half-smile and followed her through the corridors of different examination rooms, my eyes on her shoulder-length, wavy blond hair.

    She opened a door to the left and led me into the examination room, saying that the doctor would be here soon. I shrugged and sat down on the cot in the corner of the room, twiddling my thumbs and staring at my feet before craning my neck to count the cracks in the plaster ceiling.

    The door opened and I faced it, watching the doctor stumble in.

    “Sorry I'm late, I've been on call like crazy.” He apologized, scratching his head and making an exhausted sigh.

    “But anyway, how's it going Kage?” He came over and gave me a fist bump with a smile on his face. I made a smirk back.

    This man here is Ethan, my only best friend that I have. I met him not through the doctor, but we randomly ran into each other at the grocery store. He was asking where something was and I went to show him. He said he had just moved around Jubilife, in Newleaf Town. Since there isn't a grocery store in Newleaf Town because of how small the town is, he had to shop around Jubilife and Sandjem Town. He had moved from a university in Eterna City where he had gotten his degree in health and moved down here to apply as a doctor at the Jubilife hospital and clinic.

    He's pretty young, twenty-six years old. His hair is a deep, burgundy red and his eyes are a warm brown color. They seem to reflect a lot of intelligence, along with his face which is pretty wise looking, what with his eye shape being narrowed and his chin long and narrow along with the shape of his face. He has a little bit of stubble above his lips and on the end of his chin. He's rather average height and weight-wise, but I can expect that from a doctor, what with having a good healthy diet and all.

    He shook my hand even after he gave me fist bump. His hands felt firm and they gripped my own skinny hand tightly. I gave him and admiring glance. If he was a lot younger, and didn't have a wife, then I'd totally try to go on a date with him.

    Oh, yes, that must mean I'm bi-sexual. Great observation, why don't you pat yourself on the back? Eh, whatever.

    “So, how have things been? Has Luna been good?” Ethan asked, as he withdrew his hand from mine. Yes, Cresselia's human name is Luna. It means moon in Latin and she's practically a moon goddess. Get it?

    “Ah, she's as demanding as ever, but you know... I can deal with it.” I made a sigh with a smug look on my face.

    Ethan smirked, “So, are you guys together yet, or what?” I blushed at this and made a couple awkward chuckles.

    “Haha, no, we'd never be like that!” I waved a hand as if I was swatting away a fly, “Besides, I don't think she's that into me anyway...”

    Ethan shrugged, “Well, you never know... Anyway, let's get onto business.”

    We went through the physical, telling jokes and talking about our lives. Ethan said at the end that I was healthy.

    Before he could leave, I remembered my empty Vicodin bottle that I needed to get a refill of.

    “Hey, I also need a refill of my Vicodin pills.” Ethan was gathering up his things and getting ready to go on to his next patient when I said this. He looked surprised.

    “This is your third bottle, isn't it? I mean I understand that it's only been a couple weeks since you got your cast off, but I thought it wouldn't hurt as much now.”

    I blinked, really? “Well... I work a lot and I go to and fro to places. My leg just might not be accustomed yet, but the Vicodin does help so... Yeah.”

    Ethan raised an eyebrow at me, “Well alright... I'll prescribe you another refill. Just remember what I said the last few times... This is a really addictive drug, and it kind of worries me how you keep using these up in such short amounts of time. You only take two at a time, right?”

    Why was he questioning me like this? He trusts me, right? I know he was just being my doctor and all as well as my best friend, but really, he's sometimes way too protective over me.

    “Yes, I'm taking them properly, it's just my leg always acts up. You don't have to mother me all the time about this.” I answered.

    Ethan nodded, but still gave me a worried look, “Alright... I trust you. But still, you don't have to take them whenever your leg hurts. Instead, take an Ibuprofen or something. I know it's not as strong as Vicodin but it helps at least. I don't need a teen addicted to pain-killers on my hands.”

    I made a “pfff” with my lips and gave a slight snicker, “Oh don't worry about me. I'm perfectly fine. I've got Luna looking after me, right?” As I sat there, giving Ethan carefree looks as he wrote a prescription to my pharmacy, a tight, unknown feeling twisted my stomach. I don't know where it came from, but somehow... I felt incredibly bad about something, and, oddly enough, guilty. I was puzzled, I didn't have anything to be guilty for. I don't know why I was feeling this way. Must have been what Ethan said and it just spooked me a bit.

    But how would I end up that way? I had a good life, I wasn't some depressed emo kid with no life. Sure, Luna was demanding and all that, but at least she provided me with entertainment and company. One thing I can't stand is being alone, it reminds me of my previous way of living. A loner flying around in the Reverse World by himself. After the change, I myself had changed. Now I can't stand being by myself for more than a minute.

    I wouldn't say that I'm outgoing or a huge party-goer. I'm actually very shy and reserved, and I don't like huge crowds of people. One or two friends like Luna and Ethan suit me just fine, because both of them are very close people that I can trust with my whole life.

    Enough of that though. I thanked Ethan and followed him out the door. At the reception counter I scheduled my next appointment and left for the bus. Still, that strange feeling I had crept up into me again as I waited beside others at the bus stop for the bus. At this point I had begun to start worrying for myself. Was what Ethan said true? Was I getting a little bit too dependent on the pain-killers? I shouldn't doubt myself like this and continue on with my life, but this was starting to scare me.

    But, a twinge in my leg and a grit of my teeth said otherwise. I needed this drug so my leg wouldn't act up, and I wouldn't seem like a cripple limping everywhere with a grimace on my face. I wasn't one to look weak out in public.

    It would be soon anyway that my leg would finally stop hurting. Ethan and I had nothing to worry about.

    At least I hope so.

    sorry the intro is so crappy and short. intro's are boring :U. don't worry, luna and ethan will be in a lot more chapters after this lol. as for now, this is just an introduction to the main character. i didn't want to overload you guys with a lot of information as well as the beginning to the plot on top of that so i shortened it a little.

    but anyway, yes, this secret project is finally up! /dies. hopefully i can get a lot more chapters in over the summer!

    and yes, this thing has seasons >:U don't know how many chapters a season but idk. once a season is done, the series will take a short hiatus for a while and then come back with more chapters just like a regular tv show would do.
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