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    The Story of an Elite Four Champion

    Season 1: The 1st Conference

    Chapter 1: My Story (Part 1) and the Battle of Sam and Drew

    Though my story is long, it is good. Many are amazed at my adventures, though many think its made up. Yet it is all true. The adventure of me and my Pokemon that got me to be where I am now. And as I wait here for a challenge writing in this diary, I wonder if anyone will be able to defeat me. My tale begins...
    I was merely the prime age of 13, I had already defeated 5 gyms so far and had a team of well built Pokemon. They consisted of Blaziken, Crobat, Dugtrio, Amphros, Huntail, and a Mr. Mime. It basically started when I was heading towards the 6th gym. My brown hair blew across my round face, my hazel eyes glistened to the sun. My well built body allowed me to run on hours on end. The only thing that made me stop that day, was the man that jumped in front of me from a tree. He was dressed in black, had a mask on so you could not see his face. The words he said to me will haunt my mind forever. He said “My you’ve become weak. You were stronger after your 3rd gym then you are now. You expect to win the next gym like this. They show no mercy and will crush you then kill you. You better watch out!” With that, the mysterious man jumped from tree to tree away from me. As I started running towards the next gym, haunting thoughts about what the man said filled my head. I then stopped. Sent my Pokemon out of there balls and like that started training them by pitting them against each other to make them stronger. It would have taken me 1 day to make it to the next town, but with me training them the way I did, it took us another 4 days. When I got there. The man was right. The gym leaders were merciless. I must stop writing now. The Elite Four Conference is about to begin. Maybe someone for me to face will come my way. My strength may finally be matched. Maybe....

    I have just witnessed many Pokemon Battles. Only one interested me. It was the Battle of Trainer Sam against Bug Master Drew. Sam was the only one to beat Drew today. I’ll be watching Sam as he seems to be a strong trainer. It was a 1 on 1 battle with 3 Pokemon per person. The battle started. Drew sent out his Butterfree. Sam sent out his Dugtrio. Butterfree used Psybeam as Dugtrio used Sandstorm. Butterfree couldn’t see and Dugtrio used Rock Throw. Butterfree was down for the count. Sam then drew back his Dugtrio and sent out Blaziken. Torture for Drew who sent out a Shedinja. Drew used Shadow Ball. As Blaziken tried a Flamethrower but got knocked back by the Shadow Ball. Then Shedinja used Fury Cut and a Silver Wind. Blaziken tried to counter again with Flamethrower. Yet got thrown back. Sam then had Blaziken use a Sky Uppercut and Fire Spin creating a circling fire move. It hit Shedinja and Shedinja fainted. Sam had beaten him. Very interesting moves were put forth. I was impressed by Sam’s Sky Uppercut Flamethrower the most though. This reminds me of that battle with the 6th gym leader. I lost the 1st challenge against her. Yet one the 2nd. She used moves of her own making as well. Tomorrow will just be another conference day against the 1st elite four member again. And I will write about my challenge with that Gym Leader.

    Chapter 2: The 5th Badge (Story Part 2)

    I had finally made it to the city as a previously wrote. Innik City. Home to the Gym Leader of Dragons in the Land of Quaz.
    I had healed my Pokemon and entered the gym. There I met the Gym Leader. Sasha, Great Leader of Dragons. I said I wanted to challenge her. She accepted. It was a one on one battle. Three Pokemon each. If somebody wins the 1st two matches, they automatically win. The battle began. I sent out my beloved Blaziken to start things off while she sent out her Salamence. Though I was at a great disadvantage, I fought. I used Fire Blast as she countered with a fly attack. Blaziken got back up and used Sky Uppercut at a failed attempt as it was countered with Dragon Rage. We returned both of our Pokemon. I sent out Dugtrio, hiding the third that would win it all. Sasha sent out Dragonite. I had Dugtrio use Rock Throw. Dragonite took a big hit flying down. I then had Dugtrio use another Rock Throw thrusting Dragonite against the ground. Fainted. I had won one. Then with my guaranteed win I sent out Huntail. I thought she would be in fear as she sent out her next Pokemon, but I couldn’t be more wrong. I couldn’t believe what that Pokemon was.

    She sent out, Rayquaza. I had Huntail use Ice Beam, but it missed since Rayquaza used Extremespeed and hit my Huntail. I then tried to land another Ice Beam, but failed. Rayquaza used Dragon Rage and finished me off. Battle over. Sasha told me one thing afterwards. That if I can come back with a Pokemon worthy to battle Rayquaza and win, she will give me the badge. I asked if there is any Pokemon worthy of this? She said yes, Kyogre and Groundon. I only use Rayquaza on special trainers so be honored. Thus I began my search for Kyogre.
    This took me to the other side of the world in the land of Hoenn. After searching for 3 months, I finally found where Kyogre was.
    I used my Ampharos to capture Kyogre. A fairly hard task, but I managed. I had Ampharos use Thunder, Kyogre used Rain Dance and then Hydro Pump. Now with the clouds above Kyogre I used Thunder at the clouds creating random jolts of electicity hitting Kyogre. I used two extra Thunders and caught Kyogre. I then trained Kyogre for two months at sea. Now I was ready to re-battle Sasha.

    Chapter 3: Re-battle with Sasha and the Prophecy (Story 3)

    I arrived back in Innick City, ready to face the Dragon Master. This was a long battle, but a successful one. I started out the way she had promised. I sent out Kyogre, she sent out Rayquaza, the battle began.

    Rayquaza used Outrage as Kyogre used Hydro Pump. Outrage found its mark, but the Hydro Pump missed. Rayquaza used another Outrage quickly slimming Kyogres health, thus making Rayquaza confused. Kyogre used an Ice Beam, slimming Rayquaza’s health to almost nothing. We were both anxious now, almost dying from excitement. I had Kyogre use an Ice Beam which hit Rayquaza and froze him, giving me the moment to use Blizzard. It found its mark and Rayquaza almost fainted. Now recovered, Rayquaza, out of it confusion hit a wall, weakening it further. I had Kyogre use Hydro Pump, Rayquaza had almost no health left, yet neither did Kyogre. Rayquaza used Extremespeed while spinning around to create a vortex, Sasha called this Extreme Wind. It was aiming at Kyogre so I had Kyogre use and Ice Beam into the tornado. The fast moving wind froze as the Ice Beam hit trapping Rayquaza. Kyogre then used Brick Break to finish Rayquaza off. Sasha, extremely impressed, then handed me the Mystic Badge. With that me and Sasha parted and I headed towards the next gym.

    On the route there, I met someone mysterious who called herself “The Prophet of Quaz”. She told me the words that I will not forget.

    “The three creators will once again meet. A war of battle will be fought to face one and the guardian will be defeated”. I started giving this some thought. The three creators must’ve referred to the Legendaries of Earth, Ocean, and Sky. Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza. The war of battle I thought meant that I would face a Groudon soon with my Kyogre. I thought the guardian referred to Rayquaza meaning that I’d defeat him and no peace would stay between Kyogre and Groudon. This prophecy has still not been fulfilled, if it ever is fulfilled. This is all I write for my story today. I will write about the battles I’ve seen though.

    Many people passed today. 16, in fact. Only one of them caught my attention though. He battled with many different Pokemon with little effort he defeated Drew. The other 16 probably won’t make it too far. Though this is the most people I’ve ever seen to pass the 1st round. And thus I’m done writing today. Tomorrow I will write of the second round.

    Chapter 4: Sam: Owner of Groudon; The 2nd Round (Part 1)

    Amazing. Truly astounding. Today I witnessed the second round. Sam and the Mysterious Man still surprise me. Also, now only 7 others remain. Truman got a handle on his battling. It caused Sam to do something that surprised me, yet pleased me. Sam, the one in the prophecy. The only holder of Groudon.

    Truman is a poison type trainer. So Groudon was a good choice. Sam started out with Dugtrio. A good choice. Truman sent out his Arbok. The dangerous match began. Dugtrio started with a dig. Not hitting Arbok, but creating many holes. I had no idea what he was doing yet. Then, Dugtrio went after Arbok with Magnitude, turning into Magnitude 7. Arbok got hit, and mad. It used Poison Tail after Dugtrio and followed Dugtrio into the hole. Then, Dugtrio used Earthquake. The holes collapsed trapping Arbok below the surface. Dugtrio dug its way out. The tough Arbok did not let go though. It followed Dugtrio out, landing a Poison Tail into a Bite. Dugtrio now used Dig again, this time on Arbok. Arbok fainted. The next Pokemon sent out were Blaziken, by Sam, and Gengar, by Truman. Blaziken started with a Fire Blast and a Flamethrower through the center of the fire star. Gengar summoned a big shadow ball and cancelled the attack. Gengar then used Toxic, Blaziken was now poisoned. Blaziken was helpless. Gengar then used Hypnosis. Sam didn’t look scared though. Then Gengar used Dream Eater and won. The next round was Groudon against Beedrill. Groudon started out with an Earthquake. Beedrill had almost no health left. Beedrill then used Poison Sting, but Groudon didn’t notice. Groudon finished off with Flamethrower. Battle won by Sam. The crowd watching was silent. They had never seen a Groudon before. I was also in awe. The mighty strength of this Legendary Beast. The prophecy trailed through my head as the battle ended. The other great battle was that of the mysterious man. Round one began. Mysterious choosing Swellow, Truman choosing Victreebell. Swellow used Drill Peck and the battle began...

    Chapter 5: Mysterious Man and the 2nd round (Part 2)

    Victreebell used Toxic stopping Swellow in its tracks. Victreebell then used Vine Whip, catching Swellow and twisting him around. Then Victreebell used Frenzy Plant, Swellow was throw to the ground. Swellow wasn’t getting up as Victreebell used Sludge Bomb. Swellow was down. Then Swellow got up and used Whirlwind. Swellow then used Double Team creating douplegangers of itself. The fake one went inside the whirlwind making Victreebell dodge it while Swellow used Aerial Ace on Victreebell. Victreebell tried to used another Sludge Bomb, but missed as Swellow countered with Fly. Then quickly used Aerial Ace, winning the battle. Specatacular was the only word that crossed my mind. The next match up began.

    It was a Granbull vs. Dustox. Granbull started off with Roll-out. As Dustox used String Shot to stop it in its path. Then, another weird thing happened. The Granbull stuck its tusks in the ground and started spinning. Causing the ground to fling up and hit Dustox. Dustox was on the ground giving Granbull an oppertunity to squish it with Rollout. Dustox, now getting up used Sludge Bomb before Granbull could use another Rollout. Now Dustox tried Psybeam, but Granbull dodged it. Granbull then jumped high into the air and while Dustox was recovering from Psybeam, Granbull used Rollout, hitting it down onto the ground. Battle won by Granbull. The 2nd round was now over.

    I will edit in chapters as they come out also i need an editor. so PM me if u want to edit this. Some of you may also recoginize this differently. I deleted the old thread and created this new one. I combined some chapters to make them longer so its still on Chapter 2. *Edit notes* I've put on chap 5. The next chapter will be on wed.
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    I have added chapter 3.

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    I have added chap 4. The chapter reveiling this "Prophacy" a little more in depth. Expect chap 5. this saturday. chap 6 will come out the following sat.

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    I've added in Chapter 5. Please Give Feedback

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    Just a bit of a tip - the standard form for fanfictions is usually to make a new post (not a new thread) for each chapter and usually chapters are much longer. Also, don't beg for reviews.
    I basically now disagree with 90% of everything I've ever said under this screen name. :(

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    due to complaints i will now post the new chapter instead of just editing it in. Chapter 6: Tragedy at Tengo Town! (Story 4)
    I wa heading towards Tengo Town, when the Mysterious Man came. He jumped down from a tree in front of me. He told me that in the next town, my skill will be tested. He told me that he had been watching me and he had sent down a mighty force to this village. Bill the Destroyer and the Fighting Army. I, at the time, thought this man was crazy. I just walked past him and prepared for my next challenge.

    I entered Tengo Town. The location of my next badge. The place was a wreck and I saw where Bill and his army were. I went over to face him. When I got there, the battle began. It was me verus Bill, the fighting champion. He sent out Machamp, I sent out Kyogre. A 3 on 3 battle. A piece of cake. Kyogre used surf and Machamp fainted. Then Bill ran away. His army stayed. I had Kyogre use Surf on them. Then freeze them with Sheer Cold. Then, I had Kyogre use Brick Break. The fighting Pokemon Army was defeated. Quick and simple. The mysterious man was wrong. I was stronger now. With this, everybody thanked me. I slept at the Pokemon Center that night waiting for my Gym Battle the next day.

    The next day came fast. I was ready to face the 6th gym. Leader Jake, the Fighting Master. When I got there, there was one thing I never suspected. There was Jake the Gym Leader. And with him was the Mysterious Man. The Mysterious Man told me that The challenge he told me of was himself, not Bill and the army. He told me that he was temporarily taking Jake’s position. He was the Gym Leader today. The battle began. I sent out Kyogre. He sent out a Pokemon I had never seen before, Jirachi. I had Kyogre start off with Hydro
    Pump. Jirachi used Doom Desire and got hit by the Hydro Pump. Then Jirachi used Wish and then used Thunder. Thunder hit Kyogre without fail. A critical hit. Kyogre countered with Blizzard. It hit Jirachi, but Wish healed it. Then, Kyogre used one more Hydro Pump, Jirachi once again dodged and used Thunder. Kyogre then was struck out by Thunder.
    So I sent out Blaziken. Blaziken used Flamethrower. Jirachi was now weak. Jirachi used Wish as Blaziken quickly used Blaze Kick knocking Jirachi out. Mysterious Man sent out Venusaur. Venusaur used Toxic, poisoning Blaizken. Blaziken used Fire Blast, knocking out Venusaur in one hit. Then, Pidgeot was sent out. I used Rock Throw and Pidgeot was thrust to the ground. Then Blaziken used Flamethrower. Pidgeot was low on health yet used Drill Peck. Thus seriously hurting Blaziken. Blaziken was very weak now on account of its poisoning. It had a turn left in it though. It finished off Pidgeot with Rock Throw. Match one. 6th gym badge achieved. The Mysterious Man, after this battle reveiled himself to me afterwards. He was someone I never though I’d see again.

    Next time on The Story of an Elite Four Champion: It’s the 3rd Round! The last of the 3 chapters for Season 1!!! Who will go on to the Final Round. Who will face me? Sorry this chapter is so short. The next one will make up for it.


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