Adventures in Pokesitting

Day 1: Morning

The morning sun peeked inside the bedroom window, bathing the room in warm light. But, only one occupant of the room was awake: Pikachu.

"Pikaaa..." he yawned as he sat up, threw off his green thunderbolt blanket, and stretched. "Pika..." he called to the other Pokemon around him. "Pika pi chu!"

"Bulba..." Bulbasaur opened an eye, noticing that Pikachu was awake. "Saur?" he asked, longingly glancing at the large bed in the left hand corner of the room, where Ash lay, asleep. "Bulbasaur?"

"Pika pi pi Pikapi..." Pikachu assured Bulbasaur, running over to Ash's nightstand and flicking on the clock radio. A soothing melody drifted into the room...

"Unngh..." Ash fumbled for the radio and turned it off, then turned to see Pikachu and Bulbasaur looking at him. "Oh...mornin', you guys..." With that, he threw off the covers, climbed out of bed, and trudged towards the closet. "I'll get dressed, then I'll feed you guys, okay?" he called as he rummaged through the various shirts, pants, and other clothes.

"Pika!" Pikachu replied, then called to the other Pokemon, "Pika! Pikapi chu Pikachu!" The remaining Pokemon, Grovyle, Swellow, Cyndaquil, and Totodile, all yawned sleepily as they too woke up...


"Morning..." Brock called from the stove as Ash and his Pokemon trooped down the stairs into the kitchen.

"Hey, where's Misty?" Ash asked as he grabbed the Pokechow from the counter nearby the stove.

"Well..." Brock thought for a moment as he cracked an egg into the frying pan on top of some already simmering bacon. "Last time I checked, she was out at the mailbox. Now, scrambled or fried?"

"Scrambled, please." Ash replied as he filled the Pokemon bowls. "Okay, guys..." he called, setting the six bowls before the Pokemon. "Enjoy!" He smiled with pride as the content noises of munching and happy Pokemon sounds filled the air. Just before he could get comfortable at the table, he felt a large pile being laid on top of his hands. "Huh?"

"Mail call!" Misty announced as she walked in and got comfortable at the table. "Mmm...smells good in here..."

"Bacon and eggs, anyone?" Brock smiled, cracking another egg into the sizzling pan.

"Make my eggs scrambled, please." Misty called back, then turned her attention to sorting the mail. "Bill, bill, you may have won 10 billion credits...."

"Cool!" Ash cried, triumphantly producing a comic book with a picture of a boy wielding a sword on the cover from the clutter. "I've been waiting a long time for this!"

"What is it?" Brock asked, interested.

Misty leaned over to look at the cover in Ash's hands. "Pokeguardians #25: Raisheal Comes Thundering In"....

"Raisheal is the Pokemon guardian of thunder!" Ash explained. "He transforms by saying...." and he grabbed a keychain that looked similar to the wand the boy was holding and held it in the air. "Pikachu Power!" Nothing happened.

"I think that only works in the comic, Ash." Brock chuckled as he deposited the last of the eggs on his plate and turned the stove off. "Anything for me in all that?"

"Why yes..." Misty rummaged through the clutter and produced an envelope with Brock's name on it. "Here you go."

"Well!" Brock smiled, tearing open the envelope. "It's from my old friend, Kendra!...we used to work together as breeders back in Pewter..." he explained, unfolding the letter inside. "Let's says...

Dear Brock,

I am leaving on vacation to the Rainbow Islands this evening...but I have no one to look after my Azurill, Ami, while I'm away...

If you could look after her for the week, I'd be very grateful.

Enclosed is all the schedules, emergency numbers, and the like. I'll be by to drop her off later today...

Your friend,

"Looking after a baby Pokemon?" Ash wondered.

"Sounds fun!" Misty agreed. "Maybe Togepi could make a new friend by the end of the week!" She turned to Togepi, who was busy playing with some blocks in a playpen nearby the table. "Would you like to meet a new friend, Togepi?" she cooed.

"Togi!" Togepi replied, tottling to the playpen's edge, where Misty picked him up and cradled him in her arms, cooing to him all the while.

"If Ami is as easy to take care of as Togepi, this week will fly by in no time!" Ash smiled, leaning back in his chair as the others continued to eat..


Day 1: Afternoon

Ash lay on the couch, reading his new comic, until he suddenly heard the door slam, followed by Brock and Misty cooing over something. Curious, he climbed off the couch and strolled into the kitchen, where he noticed something small and blue in the palm of Brock's hand.

"Isn't she a darling?" Misty cooed, apparently in love with the tiny Pokemon.

Ash knelt down and studied the tiny blue mouse that lay sleeping in his friend's hand. "She's--" he started...

"SHHH!!! She's asleep." Brock whispered. "She's pretty tired after the trip from Pewter City to here..."

Just then, the little Pokemon perked up at the sound of water dripping. "Azu?" she squeaked, bounding out of Brock's hand in search of the sound.

Ash was puzzled. "Where'd she go?" He ran up the stairs after Ami.

Brock was about to answer until he noticed a cascade of water flowing into the kitchen. "Uh, Misty? We have a waterfall coming down the stairs..."

"We do?" Misty hesitantly took one glance at the slowly flooding floor and gasped. "The kitchen is flooding!" At that second, Pikachu floated by in an inner tube, apparently enjoying the miraculous transformation of the room into the beach.

Brock sighed and sloshed up the stairs, the water getting deeper with every step he took. "I think we'd better go see what she's doing...."

Ash stood waiting the top of the stairs, waist deep in water. "I wouldn't open the door if I were you..." he cautioned, gesturing to the bathroom door, which was struggling to remain attached despite the water leaking out of it.

"Why?" Brock asked, opening the door. No sooner had he asked that, did a HUGE tsunami come rushing from the already flooded bathroom, knocking him backwards.

Ash sighed as he sloshed into the bathroom. "I said not to open it..." Just then, he found the source of the flood: Ami stood by the sink, giggling happily as the sink continued to run...and run...and run... "Ami, that's enough." Ash sighed, shutting the sink off. "We don't flood the house, okay?

Ami just stared blankly at Ash, then began to cry.

"A whole week...of this?" Brock sighed as he began draining the bathroom.