Wireless Connector Was To Be Used In R/S?
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Thread: Wireless Connector Was To Be Used In R/S?

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    Default Wireless Connector Was To Be Used In R/S?

    While I was searching around Nintendo's patents in Google, I stumbled across the patent for their Wireless Connector, and it was filed in Feb 2, 2001. Of course, this was only used in FR/LG. So maybe Nintendo were planning to include it in Ruby and Sapphire? The only reason I see not to was time.

    EDIT: Link: http://www.google.com/patents?vid=USPATD460494&id=2g0MAAAAEBAJ&printsec=abstract&zoom=4&dq=nintendo

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    Sounds possible. They may have intentionally avoided it, planning to pack it with future games to get more sales down the line. Ruby and Sapphire could sell themselves, but any extras/remakes they might've been a little weary about.

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    The wireless-only environment that the DS games boast is no doubt the fruit of the work on the GBA games. I would like to know if there were ever concrete plans for a GBA online service, other than the prospect of a GBA-compatible Mobile Adapter, which did not last long enough to have affected Ruby and Sapphire's design.

    I am also mystified about Nintendo's plans for the five GBA games on the DS. At the end of 2004, the company made quite the announcement about being able to use the DS in conjunction with the GBA games for a special movie download. As it later turned out, it had been decided to utilize the DS' compatibility with the GBA games strictly in the Japanese PokéPark. For what reason was it essentially made useless to insert a GBA cartridge into the DS outside PokéPark? What was the meaning of the change of hearts?


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