What's up with my Zigzagoon?
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Thread: What's up with my Zigzagoon?

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    Default What's up with my Zigzagoon?

    Ok, so I just got Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team a couple of days ago. Today, as I was doing some random jobs to buff levels, I recruited a Lv. 7 Zigzagoon in Mt. Steel. The really weired thing about it though is that it's leveling up really fast, to the point that by the time I cleared the Dungeon, it was Lv. 15. That's three levels above my PC (Torchic) and my partner, Mudkip. (Who I obviously named Meme.) Given, it's stats only each went up by 1 each level up, but still.

    Is this kind of thing normal in MD? Are there other Pokemon with similar growth rates?

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    Zigzagoon is unbelievably weak in MD. Hence, it levels up quickly to make up for it.

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    So are there any other Pokemon that use quick level ups to make up for shitty stats?


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