What's the deal with Danger Anticipate?
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Thread: What's the deal with Danger Anticipate?

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    Default What's the deal with Danger Anticipate?

    I know that the Danger Anticipate ability "predicts super-effective" attacks, but can someone clarify this for me?

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    Good, question, I wanna know, too. Does it tell you before you select an attack, or before your pokemon or your opponents actually attacks?

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    From what I've heard, the way Danger Anticipate works is that upon sending your Pokémon into battle, it tells you if the opposing Pokémon has a super-effective attack, but it does not tell you what the attack is.
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    That's.... not very useful. It could be something to worry about (Psychic) or something like Rest, which is a Psychic type move... and would be super effective.... if it dealt damage.

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    Hopefully this ability is triggered if the Pokemon has an attack, and not just some support move...

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    This is the only scenario where this ability comes useful. Let's say you have a Dokuroggu (poison/fighting) against the opponent's lucario (steel/fighting). As demonstrated by the D/P champion, Lucario can learn Psychic. You are forewarned because of the ability.

    Of course, I try not to use double weakness monsters, with some exceptions, (altaria, salamence, rayquaza... how can one resist?) so this doesn't apply to me.


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