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    Default what is your pokemon team

    name the pokemon that would be your team u can have 1-6 pokemon post pictures if u can this is my pokemon team charizardtyranitaraggronand luxray
    a true dark dragon!!

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    Ok. Good team. I have many but my bests; Emerald: Blaziken100lv, Delcatty64lv, Persian39lv, Latias49lv. Diamond: Drifblim37lv, Prinplup39lv, Luxio32lv, Budew33lv. I have LeafGreen too but i have only bests Jolteon26lv and Venusaur 51lv but i don't remember others .

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    Mewtwo lvl100
    Blastoise lvl100
    Palkia lvl90
    Dialga lvl95
    Zapdos lvl86
    Giratina lvl75
    Thats my perfect team

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    Hmm...I'm assuming you mean if we could make a team in real life? Well, I'd definitely take my Charizard, Dante. I put a lot of effort into training him to be big and strong in LeafGreen, and ever since I migrated him to Diamond, he hasn't left my team even once. In terms of level, he's my third highest at Lv.78, just behind my Mewtwo (79) and Lugia (80), though I'm pretty sure he could take down either one in a one on one battle.

    Next, I think I'd go with my Lapras, Lenny. It knows some pretty decent attacks, and it'd be nice to have it use Surf to go out to sea and do some nice fishing.

    Danny-Boi, my Pidgeot would also be a nice addition, I think. After all, you should always have a Pokemon that knows Fly ready in case of emergencies.

    I'd also take Kenpachi, my Scyther. They're deadly fast, and can do some serious damage with those bladed-forearms.

    For my last two, I'd take Snoozer, my shiny Snorlax, because if you can get a Snorlax to a high enough level, you've got one hell of a tank on your side, and my Raichu, Princess, since I think an electric type would round out my party pretty well. Well, that and it's always handy to have a pokemon that can readily paralyze a wild Pokemon for an easy capture.

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    Talking My team

    I choose Lucario Lv.100,Riolou Lv.15,Luxray Lv.52,Typhlosion Lv.88,Leafeon Lv.60 & Lugia Lv.100 that's it.(Hey at least I admit to lower levels)

    I want Lucario Leafeon & Lugia.

    I have Riolou & Luxray on Diamond shone a their actual level.

    Typhlosion at actual level for PKMN Crater.

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    my team is kyogre lv.100, mewtwo lv.100, tyranitar lv.100, raquaza lv. 100, meganium lv. 100, and charizard lv. 100.
    these are in my all in my leafgreen version and are all real.

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    Me and my brother don't usually use legendaries in our parties, instead, we use pokemon with up to 2 evolutions because... When we train them....... We think that they really grow up!! And most of them are tough.. HAhahAh

    My party

    Empoleon lvl75/Modest/male
    Luxray lvl70/Bashful/female
    Roserade lvl74/Quiet/male
    Garchomp lvl75/Sassy/male
    Staraptor lvl75/Quiet/male
    -Dragonite lvl 67/Jolly/male (migrated from my brother's fire red)
    -Gallade lvl 77/brave/male =3

    My brother's party (emerald)

    Aggron lvl 82/Brave/male
    Exploud 80/Serious/male
    Gardevoir 84/Mild/female
    Swampert 83/Timid/female
    Pidgeot 84/hasty/female
    Slaking 79/hardy/male

    That's our teams.. -_-

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