The use of Action Replay is wrong ?
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Thread: The use of Action Replay is wrong ?

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    Default The use of Action Replay is wrong ?

    Hi people , this is my first thread , and I have a few questions about the AR

    Heartgold and Soulsilver are my favorite games of the pokemon franchise , but something bothers me :
    is the fact that I bought this game a bit late , all the events have passed and unlike mew on red and blue , this game events
    unlocks important plot quests like the giovanni's battle , and nintendo probably never distribute celebi and arceus again on this games , recently I discover the existence of Action Replay , and this make me curious :

    Action Replay is a wrong thing ? is considered piracy ? how the nintendo opinion about that ? he could cause damage to the DS or 3DS system ?

    if one of you could reply I'll be grateful .

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    Hey Doll,

    Welcome to the forums for a start! If you need help with anything just ask, anyone would be willing to help you. ^_^;

    Anyway, to your question. I don't think that Nintendo has a huge say on Action Replays, and it's really, totally up to the consumer on how they decide to play the game. Even if that means that the person cheats, once again; it's entirely up to them. There are easier ways for you to gain access to Pokemon such as Mew/Celebi and Arceus, you should look in the 'Global Trade' forum, loooooooots of people there would be willing to help you out! All you need is access to WiFi and an exchange of friend codes.

    If you have any further questions then don't be hesitant to ask! Hope I helped,

    xoxo Cleffa xoxo


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    Default Re: The use of Action Replay is wrong ?

    thank you very much ! I happy to know that more people still playing gen 4 games , when I start a new save in my Heartgold I go to this section to look for rarities .

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    Default Re: The use of Action Replay is wrong ?

    I use an Action Replay all the time nowadays. I don't think it's wrong at all, especially if it helps stave off frustration by instantly getting what I need. It's perfectly legal AFAIK, just don't expect Nintendo to fix your game if you accidentally mess up with the codes and brick your game.

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    Default Re: The use of Action Replay is wrong ?

    Action Replay is legal and there is nothing anyone can do about it if you choose to use one on your completely legally owned game. It's your game, do what you want with it.


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