Is there a better way to catch Celebi?

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Thread: Is there a better way to catch Celebi?

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    Default Is there a better way to catch Celebi?

    Hi, I was wondering if there's a way to catch celebi via some glitch like the mew glitch. I know you can get it with a gameshark, but can you trade it from pokemon colleseum to pokemon crystal? I only want an answer using the English game versions. Thanks!

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    Simply put: no.

    Unless I'm horribly mistaken.

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    No Pokemon obtained in 3rd gen games (and, for that matter, fourth gen games) can be traded to the second gen games - GSC is incompatible with any 3rd gen game.

    There is a 3rd gen glitch way of obtaining Celebi though as opposed to getting it from an event or the Colosseum bonus disc - it involves getting your hands on one of the double question-mark Pokemon (more info here on them - basically a 'placeholder' Pokemon so the game doesn't necessary crash when one hacks an impossible Pokemon, I think)) - if you were to trade this Pokemon to Colosseum, it would change into Celebi, due to it's hex number - upon trading, the hex number of it changes to the closest 'real' one, which happens to be Celebi's. I've heard of people getting Celebi that way.

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