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    Lightbulb Teams rated here

    I cant find 1 of these so I thought I'd start one here

    basic stuff
    your pokemon(prefarably 6 or less)
    your moveset(optional)
    your Level(optional)
    how you got it(optional once again)
    boy or girl(optional)
    how long you have had it(if you can remember)

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    I currently live under a rock in the pacific ocean. I have wasted the last 40 uyears of my life looking for the colony of Dewgong that i know the goverment is hiding


    Lapras lvl 65 ice beam, surf, waterfall,thunderbolt: got it in silph co
    Hitmonlee lvl 60 high jump kick, mega kick,brick break, strength: got it in the dojo at safron
    Venasaur lvl 59 solarbeam, strength, giga drain, razor leaf: starter as a bulbasaur
    Alakazam lvl 61 psychic, psybeam, recover, shadow ball caught it north of cerulean as an abra
    Aerodactyll lvl 60 ancientpower. strengthm, hyper beam, fly: I got it at lvl 5 from a trade from a previous game
    *gengar lvl 60 hypnosis,dream eater, shadowball, thunder: I caught it at the pokem on tower.the star means it is a shiny)

    Trainer: Kyle elite 4 champion and I have just finished the kanto dex
    version fire red
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    I'd dump Razor Leaf and Strength off Venusaur
    ditch Psybeam off Alakazam
    Ditch Strength off Aerodactyl and possibly give it Dragon Claw
    Ditch Waterfall off Lapras
    ditch Strength off Hitmonlee and maybe Earthquake?


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