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    I'm around Verdanturf and Mauville at the minute in Sapphire, so bear that in mind.

    What I really want is a support/annoyer (or both) pokemon in, but I have no idea which of my team to use or replace.

    Swellow Lv 27
    Wing Attack
    Double Team
    Quick Attack

    Combusken Lv 27
    Focus Energy

    Kirlia Lv 27
    Calm Mind
    Double Team

    Aron Lv 27
    Rock Smash (*cries*)
    Metal Claw
    Iron Defense

    Koffing Lv 20

    Sableye Lv 27
    Fake Out
    Night Shade

    I know I need a water type. I just don't have the heart to get rid of Sableye or Kirlia, who probably have the least use on the team. Koffing's now serving to annoy. As soon as I get the moveset. XD TBH I'd rather boot Kirlia, because I'm really attached to Sableye. But what do I do for a support pokemon? *headfloor* Damn the number 6. Any help would be magnificent.
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    The best Support Pokemon are ones that know Heal Bell or Aromatherapy. You're in the area to catch Gloom or Oddish, but they require a lot of training before they can act as support. You could always head back and pick up a Skitty, which can double as annoyer and support if you teach it Attract/Charm/Heal Bell. Vileplume would be able to annoy, support, and attack if you teach them Sunny Day/Solar Beam/Aromatherapy/Toxic and set it up to power up your Blaziken, though. I'd get rid of Swellow myself. You can just as easily teach Aerial Ace to one of your other Pokemon, and Flying-types don't really have much use from this point forward in the game.

    You could also get a Roselia to Annoy/Support with the same moveset. Although you'd problably want to drop Sunny Day, since 3 turns and your Roselia is going to be dead against most things, but a Grass-type would allow you to take on Water-types more easily, since you don't appear to have an Anti-Water on your team. You might want to try Leech Seed/Toxic/Aromatherapy/Double Team on Roselia. Infect and Leech the foe while dancing around with Double Team and using Aromatherapy and Leech Seed to heal comrades.
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