Rocky - the traded Onix from Gold and a moveset.

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Thread: Rocky - the traded Onix from Gold and a moveset.

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    Default Rocky - the traded Onix from Gold and a moveset.

    I was thinking about trying this moveset with an Onix on Pokemon Gold:

    Mud Slap

    It's an unusual moveset, but my reasoning is that Mud Slap will do damage and decrease their accuracy while I'm doing the rest of my plan, which is to use Toxic to poison, and use Screech and then Bind to do more damage while they're being poisoned, and then throw out more Mud Slap attacks while the screech increased damage bind and poisoning is going on, so I can stop them from hitting me and wrack up even more damage. I'm not sure if it'd work but it seems like a really annoying way to do lots of damage while not being hit.

    So, I have two questions.

    The first is: is that moveset a good idea?

    And secondly, I'm near the beginning and I got the Onix from the trade where you give Bellsprout, and as soon as it got to level 10 it started to disobey. Should I wait until I get the second badge to control this Onix or should I just drop 'Rocky' and get a wild one later? I suppose I'll have to wait until I can get the Toxic TM in either case.

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    We have a thread for this, but now it's to late for that...

    I'm think that move set will work for awhile, then you'll want to give it a sweeper move set as the game progresses, but i'm not to good with these things, so don't quote me. However, as a raiser of UU pokemon, I'd have to say that giving a weaker pokemon like Onix a move set it can use is vital to make up for weakness and bad stats. For example, I give my Mothim a verity of type-trumping moves to make up for it's many weakneses:

    Psychic (Powerful sweeper move)
    Bug buzz (To deal with dark, psychic and grass)
    Air slash (To deal with other bug types so we don't get stalled, also helps with Fighting)
    Solarbeam (To deal with rock types and water types)

    So with this move set Mothim can trump:

    Dark, Psychic, Grass, Bug, Fighting, Rock, Poison, and Water.

    Also, Getting the stats right and picking the right move set helps to:

    Being a genaration 2 Onix, Rocky will have to have a move set that has Attack based types, because of Attack being it's highest offenseve stat:

    So the best move set early in the game for Rocky would be:

    Rock slide (Powerful attack based move)
    Screech (Every pokemon like Onix needs one of these to "level the playing field")
    Mud slap (To go with your stratagy, this is also usfull so you aren't stalled with rock types)
    Bind (See above)

    Now we have a balanced Onix that can be used as a sweeper, annoyer, or wall, to fit your needs.

    With this move set it can trump:

    Flying,Rock,Ice,Fire,and Electric.

    In conclusion, having a vereid move set is a nessesary for raising UU pokemon like Mothim and Onix.

    -GSC junkie

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    Thanks. I kind of like the idea of a poisonous Onix though.


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