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    Default Recruiting Mewtwo

    I've finally reached the Western Cave in MD, which means when I reach its B99 floor I face Mewtwo. Before I battle him, though, I'd like to get some information. Studying up on my opponent, if you will.

    First of all, what level is Mewtwo? I planned ahead and packed a lot of Reviver Seeds, and my team is pretty strong (lv. 63 Salamence, lv. 65 Charizard, lv. 69 Swampert)

    Speaking of my team, does it allow enough space through the size limit to fit Mewtwo? At the present my team is four stars---two for Salamence, one each for Charizard and Swampert. That allows for Mewtwo to be one or two stars. I've heard that he is one star, but I'm not certain of that.

    What attacks does Mewtwo have when you battle him? All I know of this is that he apparently has at least one confusion-inducing attack.

    And finally......the guide says I must defeat him at least twice to recruit him. However, it also says to buy the Friend Area called Mystic Cave after you defeat him once---I've already bought Mystic Cave before my first battle with Mewtwo. Can I recruit him, or must I still clear the Western Cave twice to get him?

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    A friend of mine recruited Mewtwo recently. Here's what I can tell you:

    Mewtwo is very strong and one star.

    It uses Disable and Confusion, not sure what else (Disable owned my friend the first time he did it)

    He had to battle Mewtwo twice, didn't say anything about Mystic Cave.

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    Mystic Cave=Cryptic Cave.

    You can't recruit him 1st time around, But if you battle him again, you can (make sure to bring that Friend Bow! ^_^)


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