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    The Berry Master is blending berries with me today in my copy of Emerald. I've never seen him doing this in my whole year of playing it. I have a lot of berries to blend with him, but they all seem to be turning into Gold Pokeblocks. I'm wondering how versatile gold ones are. Can they be used to improve all 5 contest qualities, or only like 2 or 3 of them no matter what? I'm wondering if I should save more than just one of each berry (to plant) for blending on normal days and not make all gold pokeblocks.

    Oh dang, you can only store a certain amount of Pokeblocks. >< Guess I have to use them or lose the opportunity to have lots of gold ones.
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    gold pokeblocks raises 1 or 2 stats. Although gold pokeblocks are good, I'd plant some berries and not make all gold pokeblocks. And I think its the blend master that comes to lilycove, not the berry master, although I have only played Emerald once and not for a while.

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    Yeah, it's the blend master. Sorry, I was thinking it WAS the berry master guy who came to blend, but apparently they're two different people. And the sprites were different too. I filled up my case with gold ones, but I had enough berries to fill up like 20 Pokeblock cases, so it balanced out by itself.


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