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    Default Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow Ports

    Since FireRed and LeafGreen are already remakes of the first generation of Pokémon games, I find it very unlikely that Game Freak would release another set of Gen I remakes any time soon (I could maybe see a Pokémon Yellow remake in the future; but I still think even that would be highly unlikely, as much as I'd love to see it...especially looking like Gen VI). However, as of late I've been thinking more-and-more about a potential port of the games. With the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console getting some pretty good games released on it, I wonder if Game Freak and Nintendo will eventually release the games on the system. Even though I like FireRed and LeafGreen and the updated graphics and features, the original games are simply more enjoyable overall (even if I do have to go the Pokémon menu every time that I want to use cut...or the Items menu to get on the bike). This is likely just nostalgia glasses...but, hey, it is what it is.

    If this were to happen, how would you like to see it handled? Would you want a near-exact port? Minor changes/updates? Or some expansive new features? Below is a list of some ideas that I've had:

    1) Obviously since the 3DS doesn't have link cables, update the game to take advantage of wireless pay. Try to keep the look and feel similar to that of the old Game Link Cable days, though.

    2) I'd love to see a feature where one can quickly change between the graphics of the original releases (JP-Red and JP-Green), to the updated graphics (JP-Blue, US-Red, US-Blue), to the last version (JP-Yellow, US-Yellow), including the environment sprites, player sprites, Pokémon sprites, et cetera. This would also be an interesting way for English-speaking fans to finally get the play through Pokémon with the original graphics in English officially for the first time.

    3) While from what I understand the Virtual Console allows you to choose between black-and-white or a more original Game Boy black and green, I'd also like the options to change from the Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow palettes (regardless of which game is being played), just like what could be done with the Game Boy Color and subsequently Game Boy Advance. For Pokémon Yellow in particular, I'd like to be able to change from the Game Boy Color look to the Game Boy look (simulating playing the game on the two different consoles).

    4) I think there should be a way to get Mew inside of the game without the need for an event. Otherwise there'd be no way to obtain this Pokémon. Perhaps catching all 150 Pokémon could yield a diploma and a Mew? Since these ports would never be compatible with post-Gen II games, it wouldn't make Mew any less rare in current games.

    5) If possible, it would be nice to allow trading from one game to another with just one 3DS. This feature would take quite a bit of extra work, but would be nice for players that don't have Pokémon-playing friends. While this would not be a deal-breaker (I'd buy the port no matter what, essentially, as I already own every single main series game thus far in cartridge form), it would just be a nice touch.

    6) Keep the original non-destructive glitches in the game. While I'm sure some people would want a glitch-free version of the games, for some people these provided hours of fun and excitement. Taking them away would hurt the nostalgia factor for some.

    I'd love to hear some more opinion and ideas from others in the community!

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    Default Re: Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow Ports

    my friend and i were speculating about this earlier, and i can definitely agree that it'd be great and a smart idea by nintendo, as many nostalgics would buy them, in addition to curious newer players like myself (that said, i've been playing pokemon half of my life lol)

    they could also continue to make money from games that are older than many of their players via this strategy. personally, i'd buy those up no problem.

    the switching graphics thing sounds... interesting, but a little weird and probably difficult to implement. not to mention that a lot of the red/green sprites are ugly as hell. the colour thing seems pretty easy to understand and put in, though.

    the mew thing works. it's true that if they kept the glitches intact (and they should keep the non-volatile ones imo), mew would still be technically available, but that shouldn't be an official way to do it, so that's actually a pretty smart idea you suggested.

    as for the trading-from-same-console-forever-alone thing, i don't see it happening, they're emphasizing interconnectivity more than ever nowadays, and that would be a huge slap in the face to their beliefs and what the backbone of pokemon basically is. so, nah, i really don't see that, but i'd love some of these ports which you are bringing up, and i'm sure many others also would.
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    Default Re: Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow Ports

    That would be awesome! I doubt there's enough time now but if you get the X/Y bundle you get to get a free download of RBY or just RB

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    Default Re: Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow Ports

    Not a bad idea, but honestly it wouldn't interest me. I own the original, so if I want to play it I can whenever I want.

    What I would like, is a full-blown remake for the 3DS. I doubt it will happen, but you never know.

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    Default Re: Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow Ports

    A port of r/b/y/g/s/c, untouched, would be great. I say leave all the glitches and settings intact and only alter the trading system, if any trading at all.

    Cartridges won't last forever unfortunately. So for the original games to continue to be enjoyed, virtual console is a great idea.


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