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    i was wondering after the second team the blastoise one leaves to get grounden what do u do? do u just keep doing rescues or what and if so how many do i hae ta do?

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    That is correct. You may also have to complete the Wobbuffet/Wynaut/Mankey side-story.

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    You need to find Chestnuts in Uproar Forest and give them to the Mankeys unpealed (you'll automatically peal it for them when you give it) 2 times. Bring a Pick-Up poke and you might pick up more extra Chestnuts on floor 9.
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    Just keep on doing normal rescue missions for a few days and one day you will wake up and go to pokemon square and recieve the next part of the storyline. It doesn't take too many days to wait for this to happen.


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