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    I just beated the Elite 4 and upgraded the network machine in leaf green. My starter pokemon was Bulbasaur. So how do i find the Legendary beast. I tried walking around everywhere. I am trying to hurry and find it so i can migrate my pokemon to diamond then Battle revo. please help. Also i am new to this forum and stuff (i visit the site since last year)

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    It appears at random the first time. There is no way to manipulate the game to make it appear, other than a cheat device.

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    okay i also heard that if the pokemon uses roar your pokemon will go away forever

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    You heard wrong. >_> Really wrong. All Roar does is scare your Pokemon back into its Ball. If it happens in a Trainer Battle, you just switch Pokemon. If a wild Pokemon uses it, it uses it uses it as an opportunity to run away.

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    that would be awful! I would cry for days if my pokemon were roared away
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    The only way to find your Legendary Beast is to do a lot of walking. You're going to have to search everywhere, and after you've done that, you'll be searching everywhere again. Only by sheer luck did I run into Suicune, but there's this funny little thing about roamers; they run. The good news is that their current location will appear in your PokéDex, but the bad news is that it will change every time that you move to a new Route and it's incredibly tedious to scroll to the end of the National Dex (or the Grassland Pokémon category, which I found only a little shorter) whenever you open the menu again. Here's a tip: You're going to want a Master Ball. If you don't have one, find a Pokémon with Mean Look or an Ability that prevents escape.

    After my first encounter with Suicune, I went to Cerulean Cave and caught a level 58 Wobbuffet. (Shadow Tag prevents escape.) After that, I loaded up on Ultra Balls and Max Potions and then set out after the elusive Beast. Several hours later, I found it, and I'll spare you the details. After over forty turns and every Ball in my inventory, it still wasn't captured. I was forced to use my Master Ball because there was absolutely no way that I was chasing the thing down again and I didn't have the money for another batch of Ultra Balls. Out of pride, I didn't want to use my Master Ball at all, but I suppose impatience got the better of me. Oh, well.

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    I've never ran into it either... I all most beat the eilet four twice and I still can't find it. I also Looked on 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 island but nothing. How did you guys find them?

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    They roam around in Kanto only. You cannot find it in the Sevii Islands. Go to the mainland.

    What are the exact requirements that must be fulfilled in order to unlock the beast so that it roams around? I am having trouble finding reliable information on this.

    I have heard the following:
    1. Beat the Elite 4
    2. Obtain the national pokedex by talking to Professor Oak after beating the Elite 4 and owning 60 unique pokemon.
    3. Catch every single freakin Unown in existence.

    #3 is obviously fake. I think 1 and 2 are actual requirements. Are there any more? I myself have done 1 and 2 and am still having trouble finding a Suicune. Which is odd because I found Entei pretty easily on my first play through LG. In D/P you can systematically hunt down Cressellia pretty easily by just walking into a town and back out into a route. Every time you switch areas the pokemon warps to a different spot on the map. I intentionally let Entei go the first time I encountered him on my first playthrough Leaf Green and tracked his movements on the map. He acted the same way as Cressellia in D/P.

    So now I'm systematically hunting for Suicune to try to find it for the first time. Not having any luck, which is why I ask if there are any more requirements.
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    No, One and Two are the only requirements. However, I've found a systematic, albiet tedious way to find the runners...
    1. Stock up on Repels, Ultra Balls, and Timer Balls
    2. Find a pokemon with very high speed that knows quick attack and is at a decently high level
    3. Find a Wobbuffet
    4. Find a route that has a town or another route intercepting it at both ends
    5. Put the quick attack pokemon at the front of your party, activate a repel, and run up and down the route repeatedly
    6. When you find it, use quick attack before it runs away, and then repeat steps 1-6.
    7. When it is at a low enough level, repeat 1-5, but put Wobbuffet at the front of your party instead.
    8. Continually throw ultra balls and timer balls at it until you catch it. Heal Wobbu when necessary.
    9. Bonus if you can put it to sleep or paralyze it

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    Just re-read the first post in this thread and noticed the poster upgraded the network machine. But you're saying you don't have to upgrade Celio's computer on One Island with the two gemstones for the dogs to appear?

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    Well... about 12 hours more just running around in the grass and it's still a no-show. I managed to catch Entei using the method above on my first playthrough in about an hour. :X So I'm very discouraged.

    The only thing I can think of is that Suicune was not activated because I did not have 60 caught pokemon when I beat the Elite 4 (because I blew through the game just to get the stupid mutt). I figured this out after I beat the Elite 4, so I went and caught 60 and then talked to Oak to upgrade the pokedex to the National Dex. 12 game hours later... nothing.

    Anyone experience similar frustration? And does anyone know if this is why Suicune hasn't shown up for me yet? Anyone just want to trade?

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    I never actually ran into one, after 70 hours of play time on LG.
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