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Thread: Pokemon is kind of like a mystic adventure...

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    Default Pokemon is kind of like a mystic adventure...

    does anyone else here feel that the first Pokemon games had more of a mystic jrpg feel than the later ones?

    i've been wanting to post about this for a while. when i play later generation pokemon games, i feel like i'm playing Pokemon - a playful rpg about catching many monsters and battling them. but when i play 1st gen, it's a different experience. the game is brutally simplified compared to the later ones (i'm not complaining) and it reminds me of an NES Final Fantasy game. and i don't mean graphics wise, but mainly story and game-wise.

    any thoughts on this?

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    Default Re: Pokemon is kind of like a mystic adventure...

    I remember the older games being a lot harder. Red and Blue were the 1st Pokemon games and when you learned a new move you never knew what it did or even how strong it was and you did not even know if it were a physical attack or a sp.atk. and I remember having to save before I went up a level every time. The psychic and poison leaders were in my oppinion the hardest of the eight gyms but the elite four was just a place where you go to get your but handed to you on a silver platter only to be served for dinner. was not an easy game at the time, but i played emerald recently and it was much harder and more cryiptic than any other pokemon game i played but in black and white two you get a free ride and it's just such an easy easy game, gen two was not that hard either, was just hard to level up because the leaders and eilite four had like level 40s and mount silver had level 40's as well so getting levels 80's was a really big deal.


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