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    Default PokeGame of My Dreams - A Fan's Hope

    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, wasn't sure if it should go here or in General.

    Anyway, after listening to so many Bulbacasts I felt nerdy. So I wrote an overview of what my dream (-aka- probably never going to happen) console Pokemon game would feature and how it would function.

    Click here to read it.

    If spreading knowledge of this were to inspire any passing programmers in the Nintendo officialdom, I would explode with happiness. XD
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    That sounds cool!

    I'd like a game where you can join whatever evil organization is wreaking havoc. I mean that one Rocket in Red practically begged you to join.

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    I like the part about throwing a pokeball with a Wii remote.=P
    Seriously, that's my favourite part. When I first found out they were maing a wii game I thought you would be able to do that. I was practicing my "I choose yous" =P
    Anyway, that sounds awesome...
    And i'd like a game where you was in an evil team too. ^^

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    I'd like a game that somehow merges a tactical RPG battle system with the traditional Pokemon battle system in a way that both adds more depth and allows Pokemon trained in the existing system to work into it well.

    I'm thinking that you'd have all six of your Pokemon on each side of a tile-based battlefield, moving each one once per turn with the distance moved being based on the speed stat. Once close enough to an enemy that at least one of your attacks can reach them, it'd switch to the traditional system for one turn, during which the attacking Pokemon may only use moves that work at that range. The defending Pokemon may do the same if he has any such moves, but if not he can either block for a 75% damage reduction, or use Struggle, which will cause damage and move himself right next to the target's space once the game returns to the battle map.


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