Pokémon Stadium Descriptions for Unused RGBY Items?

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Thread: Pokémon Stadium Descriptions for Unused RGBY Items?

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    Default Pokémon Stadium Descriptions for Unused RGBY Items?

    Was just poking around this website and found the following:

    Pokémon RGBY:

    "When you glitch items by using the select bug in RGBY, a variety of buggy items appear. Among them are the badges the gym leaders carry and Safari Balls, all of which have descriptions in Pokémon Stadium. There are also many types of badges that don't exist, such as the Falcon Badge, Rose Badge, Ojizou Badge, Cool Badge, Friend Badge, Shell Badge, Fireball Badge, Thunder Badge, and Gold Badge."

    If anyone can think up a way to put these glitchy items into the inventory of their GB game and then try to view their descriptions using Pokémon Stadium, we might learn something cool. I'm not sure whether it's possible without a Japanese version of the original Pokémon Stadium (not the NA release that had all 151 Pokémon) and a Japanese copy of Red/Green, however.

    Unfortunately, though I own the Japanese Pokémon Stadium, I only have an English version Pokémon Blue and no GB -> N64 connection accessory. Would it be possible to accomplish this through emulators or hacking?

    EDIT: Actually, a text dump of the Japanese version of Pokémon Stadium should suffice as well. Is anyone capable of this?
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    Default Re: Pokémon Stadium Descriptions for Unused RGBY Items?

    Very interesting discovery!

    Likewise, I have the first Stadium, but neither a Japanese N64, nor Japanese RGBY (though I suspect that the region doesn't matter, as long as the corresponding items are obtained in any region's cart -- I might be wrong however), so, I can't help in that. As for text dumping, from a quick search, it appears that there documented way to do that either.

    However, there is a plugin that emulates the functions of transfer pack. If someone doesn't before me, I'll try to glitch the items and see if, indeed, there are descriptions, and I'll report back.

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    Default Re: Pokémon Stadium Descriptions for Unused RGBY Items?

    It might work or do different things in Stadium 2/GS.

    It probably won't work in the US version, as no US games can dokokashira.
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