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    Default Re: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon

    The Mystery Dungeon series is among my favorite. I'm motivated to always see how fast I can beat the games, and the storyline never ceases to amaze me even after I've gone through however many times.
    Quote Originally Posted by Arcanine03 View Post
    I am currently playing the PMD Time and was curious if this has happened to anyone. In the Mystery Jungle Dungeon, I was approaching a kecleon with his goods on floor 16 when I stepped on an electrode trap that incidentally hurt the kecleon (this trap was literally adjacent to rug he is on). Then he begins to attack me. As a result, I decided to just restart the dungeon after his onslaught. Has anything weird (not necessarily this) and possibly unfortunate ever happened to you?
    That's happened to me before too. It always sucks because I'm easily destroyed after.

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    Default Re: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon

    I haven't played the first PMD games, but I loved Darkness and Sky!

    In Darkness, I was Shawn the Meowth, and my partner was Gus the Pikachu. Go ahead and guess what our team was called.

    In Sky, I picked Riolu and named him Nathan. My partner was Josh the Turtwig. Both are part of the same team as 52-25 are, but the names are just names of people I know in real life.

    I recently restarted my Sky game (two save files with the magic of AR and a micro SD card!), and had Gus become Nathan's partner this time. And...I'm stuck at Mt. Bristle. In my first play-through, I always told the partner to stick together with me. This time around, I told Gus to go after foes. We somehow ended up on opposite sides of the dungeon floor, and I was being chased by a persistent Doduo while I was at 8 HP.

    This didn't end well when I got trapped between the Doduo and a Machop on the 1st floor of Mr. Bristle. D8; It's MUCH harder if your partner ain't there beside you, for serious. I mean, if I had told Gus to stick with me, he could have just zapped Doduo to oblivion!
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    Default Re: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon

    To date, Explorers of Sky is one of my all-time favourite DS games. I enjoy how much more plot-driven Mystery Dungeon is compared to the regular Pokemon series, while still leaving room for player creativity and strategies, and it's fun seeing more personality and character being ascribed to the pokemon themselves.

    I didn't play Explorers of Darkness or Time, but even without having done so, I think that EOS benefits greatly from the presence of the Special Episodes. They're a fun diversion from the main storyline, give more depth to characters like Bidoof and Wigglytuff, plus of course that final episode tied up the Future World's plot thread in a really poignent and beautiful way. I really can't imagine playing the game without that episode there to reveal what became of Grovyle and Dusknoir - must've been a bit depressing in the original versions.

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