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Thread: Pidgeot's new ability

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    Angry Pidgeot's new ability

    Okay. I have searched everywhere - Bulbapedia, Wikipedia, Psydex; you name it, and I haven't been able to find out what is Pidgeot's other ability. said it was Air Lock; now it says it's Unstable Gait, like Perap's. Of course, I know better than to trust with information >_<, so that's why I am asking here.

    If it isn't Air Lock (I knew it! Too friggin' good to be true), I'm gonna sue whoever put in that information on Serebii dex. It's bad enough they can't f*cking spell. Christ. >_<
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Espeon View Post

    I I'm gonna sue whoever put in that information on Serebii dex. It's bad enough they can't f*cking spell.. >_<
    Um....Serebii hate much?

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    Unstable Gait: Evasion Increases when Confused

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    SPPF = BAD

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    SPP does have a bunch of errors in their DP pages, but Serebii and his crew take so much time and effort to get it up quickly that I don't complain to them. Besides, its not like I'm error reporting to them anyways, so I'm not helping with the solution.

    Also, I'm usually against importing titles you know become domestic because it hurts domestic sales, so I think you should only buy DP if you know japanese or want the effort to understand the game. So maybe subconciously I want Errors on Serebii's page. However, I know that lack of sales is not an issue for DP because I know most people will buy it twice anyways.

    Also I want to comment real quick and say that we make errors too, I haven't noticed in bulbapedia, but we do some weird things in the forms too (though the example I'm thinking of now is with Rotomu, it bugs me people call it Rotom bucause Rotom is spelled like ロトン and Rotomu is spelled ロトム)

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    Nonsense. Final [m] rarely gets spelt as ン in Japanese.


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