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    Currently training for E4 in Platinum. All if them are going to be at lvl 58 before I give each of them 2 rare candies out of laziness.

    Empoleon (Napoleon) Lvl 51
    Modest @Splash Plate
    Surf, Waterfall, Ice Beam, Grass Knot

    Scizor (Scarlet) Lvl 50
    Adamant, Technician @Iron Plate
    Bullet Punch, Night Slash, X-Scissor, Double Hit

    Garchomp (Chompy) Lvl 50
    Jolly @Draco Plate
    Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Crunch, Fire Fang

    Porygon-Z (Dr. Caroll) Lvl 50
    Modest, Download @Wise Glasses
    Psychic, Shadpw Ball, Signal Beam, Thunderbolt

    Lucario (Itachi) Lvl 57
    Timid, Inner Focus @Fist Plate
    Flash Cannon, Strength, Aura Sphere, Dark Pulse

    Machamp (Gutsman) Lvl 53
    Adamant, No Guard @Icicle Plate
    Rock Slide, Dynamic Punch, Payback, Ice Punch

    I know the held items aren't the best, but it's still pre-national dex so..
    And for some reason, my Lucario & Porygon-Z are always evenly matched in Speed, and Scizor is my strongest Attacker, being stronger than both Machamp and Porygon-Z...
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    I tried to do a Nuzlocke run in Sapphire version... I was sadly reminded of why I have avoided this challenge.

    I had a full team of pokemon after beating Brawly, then May took out all of my pokemon except a level 12 Sableye I never used.

    So I trained the Sableye, caught some new pokemon, and life was good. Until I made it to the battle with Archie, where all my pokemon except Sableye died AGAIN!

    At this point I became attached to Sableye so I overleveled him by a lot. Unfortunately it died on Mt. Pyre because a Machoke used Foresight to hit him super-effectively.

    RIP Impite - you were a true fighter till the bitter end!

    After Sableye died, I gave up on the challenge and I'll never do another one!

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