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    Default Newly Discovered Gen 1 Glitch?

    Hello everyone, this is my first post on the forums! Please forgive me if this post is in the wrong place, but I don't believe it is. Anyway, I created an account and wanted to post this because I couldn't find any information on the bulbapedia website. What happened was I wanted to see if I could get through the game beating as few gyms as possible, and so used the save abuse glitch on Pokemon Blue (video here). Anyway, I went through throwing away each number of items, and discovered I could get to Indigo Plateau by throwing away 177 of them. I could then throw away three to teleport from Indigo Plateau to the Celadon Department Store. So I went through the game from Celadon to Vermilion to Cerulean to Vermilion again. What I wanted to do was get Cut to defeat Lt. Surge so I could fly outside of battle. I then went and got fly from the girl in Celadon, but before I did that, in the grass on the other side of the building I caught myself a Spearow. I then got fly, taught it to Spearow, and attempted to fly to Indigo Plateau. However, when I got to the screen where you choose where to fly, it was all glitched (and I believe it's because I don't have the Town Map - I'm going to see if that is indeed the issue, and tell you if it is). I pressed "A" having no idea what happened, and then I got into a battle with []14S[], who sent out the glitch pokemon 'M. I couldn't do anything except use an item, and for some reason my pokemon were poisoned, so I used antidote and healed it and then it did the fly transition to where I was. However, I then couldn't use a, b, or start, like in the mew glitch (I still need to explore that and see what happens if I get into a trainer battle after). I know this was a long post, but I'm pretty excited if this is indeed an unknown glitch, and I wanted to properly explain what happened so it can be recreated.

    EDIT: I was right. The reason I couldn't fly was because I didn't have the town map. Now that I do I can get to Indigo Plateau and beat the Elite Four with only two badges!
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