More ways to get to glitch dimension!

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Thread: More ways to get to glitch dimension!

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    Default More ways to get to glitch dimension!

    I found there is more ways to get to glitch dimension in Gold/Silver. One is using a walk through walls code or something, and another that happened to me is the game restarted with random colours whenever i bumped the cartridge... i also found out there are lots of different colour sets that you get depending on where you are when it happens.

    Here are some pictures of what i got:

    These are the black night ones:

    This isn't very clear, but Ho-Oh can be seen and the background is gray

    The colours here are inverted

    The title screen, also here the time's reset...

    The grass is white and the water is black!?

    And a light green background one:

    Ho-oh is coloured fully again



    The water is black again!?

    I also got a similar effect the other day but everything was red... it doesn't seem to be working now...

    EDIT: It only lets me use 6 images? Click links to the other ones...
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    I wonder what happened to my Pokemon Gold game...


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