LT Weekly Poll #47 Did you like Colosseum/XD's story modes?

View Poll Results: Did you like Colosseum/XD's story modes?

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Thread: LT Weekly Poll #47 Did you like Colosseum/XD's story modes?

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    Default LT Weekly Poll #47 Did you like Colosseum/XD's story modes?

    Hello Everynyan! Welcome to the forty-sixth installment in the Lost Tower Forum's new weekly series of polls!

    Centered around the Pokemon series of video games, these polls will be based on the various different aspects of the popular video game franchise. Every Monday, a Video Games staff member will post a new poll that'll remained stickied up on top of the forum. Suggestions for polls and questions can be sent to Joshawott or Zeb and they could possibly used for new polls (credit will be given, of course).

    With that out of the way, here is the poll:

    Did you like Colosseum/XD's story modes?

    Pokémon Colosseum and its sequel, XD, gave the home console Pokémon games a breath of fresh air - in the form of a story mode. Did you like this change, compared to Stadium and Stadium 2, or not? Did you like the story in these games and if so why and if not, why?

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    Thank you for voting!

    -The Video Games Forum Staff

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    Default Re: LT Weekly Poll #47 Did you like Colosseum/XD's story modes?

    I loved XD and Colosseum's story mode very much. I enjoyed the snagging of Shadow Pokemon and purifying it and enjoyed the plot being a little different and darker than other main series Pokemon games. I really hope they make a game similar to those in the future, perhaps for the Wii U.

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    Default Re: LT Weekly Poll #47 Did you like Colosseum/XD's story modes?

    Never played XD but I can vouch for Colosseum. I enjoyed the story, on the short side for sure and probably could've been far more expansive but it was nice to actually have a legit story mode on a Nintendo console at the time.

    What made the game really sing was that it complemented RS to a tee. RS lacked heavy emphasis double battles (but was wise enough to force a few on the road and make one a gym battle) and Colosseum made up for that by making everything a major double battle. I'm sure there was much QQing from some, but if you wanna sell a cool feature and didn't do enough of that on the meat & potatoes game then pushing it to side dish/dessert is your best bet.

    Not only that but their making Orre exclusively hold Johto monsters and y'know really show casing them (all under the current at the time Gen III mechanics) when they were even overshadowed within their own game really made you pay attention to them and stop and say: "I never knew [insert Gen 2 monster] was this handy!" to "[insert monster] is my cherished comrade."

    All in all, Colosseum's story mode was great change of pace and stopped it from being just a 3D battle sim (with some fun mini games). Colosseum also deserves credit for being the first game to flat-out make their evil group(s) a front and center problem that everyone was aware of period.
    I'm also pretty sure it humored those who wanted a (slightly) more serious Pokemon story layered with loads and loads of "Rules of Cool". And the game flaunted that with much pride.
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    Default Re: LT Weekly Poll #47 Did you like Colosseum/XD's story modes?

    The problem with them is that it feels that the story and the "battle sim" aspect of them was too detatched from each other. I believe the story should've been more involving and encompassing with the other gameplay mechanics, not simply a "story mode".


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    Default Re: LT Weekly Poll #47 Did you like Colosseum/XD's story modes?

    Yup, I quite enjoyed the story mode. At times I thought the Gamecube games had a better story than the handheld games. There were just so many cool, evil villains. There's Miror B, Nascour, Venus, and Ein from the first game and Lovrina, I love her especially, from the second game. I found the story more memorable because I wasn't playing the standard 8-Gyms story anymore. I have a hard time trying to remember some Hoenn or Sinnoh Gym Leaders! Don't ask me about Team Galactic admins.

    I like the concept of capturing and purifying Shadow Pokemon. It was a nice break away from Stadium. I dunno why they returned to a stadium-like game in Battle Revolution. I'd love a game like Colo/XD on the WiiU.
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