Looking Back: Red, Blue, Yellow, Silver, and Gold
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Thread: Looking Back: Red, Blue, Yellow, Silver, and Gold

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    Default Looking Back: Red, Blue, Yellow, Silver, and Gold

    Looking back on my childhood, I remember when pokemon was released here in the united states. Red and Blue came out, and all the kids I knew were so excited, but coming from a family with limited funds, I was unable to get either of the first two games. Then, the year yellow was released, my mom surprised me on my birthday not only with a brand new Gameboy Color, but with Pokemon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition. I was ecstatic, and from that very game I was hooked on pokemon. Then came the summer when I broke my leg and interestingly enough discovered that the pokemon anime had been released here as well. I loved the show and the game, and every time I played I imagined myself as the trainer, talking to my pokemon and getting truly attached to them. When pokemon Silver and Gold were both announced, I was so excited I begged my mom to allow me to pre-order Silver from Wal-Mart, and when it released I was there, not too far from the beginning of the line, to get my game. With Generation II in my grasp, I fell even more in love with the franchise, and eventually managed to get Gold, and eventually Crystal. Generation I and II was where it all started not just for the games, but for me as well, and with every new generation I continue to be amazed and captivated by the pokemon games, even though I am now 27 years old. It just goes to show that some things from your childhood can never be taken away from you. If anyone else has a similar story I would love for you to share it, and let me know what some of your fondest memories of the classic games are, and what you look forward to in coming generations.

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    Default Re: Looking Back: Red, Blue, Yellow, Silver, and Gold

    This would be better as a blog entry, so Im closing this.


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