A little question on the starter's evos..
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Thread: A little question on the starter's evos..

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    Default A little question on the starter's evos..

    As we all know, the release date for D/P is on the 28th, but also, no full scans or anything really detailed will be up online for quite awhile, a couple of days, if you will. I'm wondering what time exactly did G/S's starter evo's get released, and when did R/S's evo's get released. We could use the dates of both to figure out when they may get leeked and or released. This also stems on the whole "Pokemon games always come out in the spring" deal, which is 90% true, I think R/S came out in setember so that's the only game that didn't, I think.

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    I don't remember when RS's evos were released... I think it was a little earily because the Anime wanted to show bashamo, but we didn't know the stage 2 evolutions.

    For GS, I don't know if this was revealed there, but the first place I remember seeing the starters was in a summer promo set for the Trading Cards. It had the full evolution chain, and previewed the new monsters. (As far as I know, that was their premer)

    Both games were released in Japan in the fall though. I know GS was released a year later because Nintendo didn't have Pokemon on Top release priorty like they do now (which is why RS, FR/LG, Emerald and DP came out (or will come out) in the spring)

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    The GS starter evolutions were released early in a special trading card set.

    The AG evolutions, aside from Blaziken, were entirely unknown until the game was actually released.
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    I believe the special TCG set with the starters and their evo comes out the 28th for DP...but we will probably know the evos by then anyway.


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