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    Default Linking different region games

    Hello, I just wanted to talk about something I've never heard before.
    I just got a pokemon red (japanese version) game and I just wanted to see what would happen if I transfer a pokemon to my european pokemon yellow game.
    I transfered a Mew for a Mew and I received a raticate on my european game and a "ketsuban" (missingno.?) on my japanese game.
    After that, the game froze (nice!) and I couldn't access to the pokemon menu.
    Even a pokemon was poisoned! I could see my pokemon at Bill's PC my european game shown a lv.0 pokemon named "77777777" and the japanese shown a lv. 100 nameless pokemon.
    I decided to transfer the same pokemon again and at the transfer menu I could see that I had a raticate and a ketsuban, not a "777777" and a "nameless" pokemon.
    After the transfer the game didn't froze and I received a lv. 100 Growlithe on my european game and a lv. 52 Pikachu on the japanese version
    This time I could enter to my pokemon menu but glitched...
    The pokemon nº ID was the same but the trainer was ロヲョャ (japanese version) and "8888888" (european). They had the same attacks but different PP (not gonna talk about stats! x__x)
    I think that the european version took the worst part of this experiment... That growlithe I received was lv. 105 after a battle :S I've never imagined to see a lv.100+ pokemon on the yellow version (I'm so happy really xD)

    Edit: I took Growlithe to the pokemon breeder and he raised level (251) its image is again the image of Mew! So weird

    Well, I would like to do some more experiments about it.
    I haven't seen anything about it at bulbapedia so It's the reason 'cause I wanted to post it.

    Thanks for reading ^^

    Edit: Almost forgot! It seems that "old man" glitch doesn't works on japanese edition. I keep surfing and no pokemon appear.
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    Default Re: Linking different region games

    Well, Japanese Red and green are different games than ours (which would be the japanese blue)
    However that might not be the issue (as I guess these are compatible with yellow in japan), but instead just differences between the regions.

    Maybe it has to do with the characters... some values that would be just letters in the japanese version would be special symbols that cause errors. It's possible considering how does the game freak out becouse of a glitched text...

    And "ketsuban" is indeed missing number, or "missingno.". No idea why they bothered translating that though.


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