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    Default Jirachi disk?

    Where can you get the Colleseum bonus disk,besides ebay?

    Do they have it at Gamestop?
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    Nope. It came with PC as a bonus when you pre-ordered. Good luck finding it! I'd look for it if I had a GCN. ^^;;
    *this space for rent*

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    why do you want to know? o_O;;


    ohh i have it! :D
    i just dont have ruby or sapphire ;_;

    Woot yes i RAWK!!
    also Harley does too!

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    It might be at a pawn shop, but then they would price it high, thinking it's an actual game.

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    What about your local video-renting store? They usually have a section devoted to games, but I'm not sure it would be there. eBay would be your best bet, as I got mine there.
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    I don't think it'd be available to rent, because it's not an official game, but you MIGHT be able to find it at GameStop, or another store that sells used games, but you'd probably have to be really lucky, because they're basically a promotional item. eBay probably would be your best bet, though.

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    I got Jirachi from the Pokemon Channel game. You have to complete the game and then you can download a level 5 Jirachi onto a Ruby/Sapphire cart...

    It's level 100 now and is a pretty strong Pokemon.


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