Hi, I'm a Canadian player of Pocket Monsters FireRed/LeafGreen. I am playing the Japanese versions so I can improve my syllable recognition. The problem is, some syllables are hard to make out. I know how to type the girl player character's desired name (Amaya), and her rival's desired name (Isamu) and if someone showed me the katakana for Kojirou (as in, James of Team Rocket), then I would know all the syllables, but I am having trouble locating some syllables on both kana charts. Kojirou would be the desired name of the male player character in FireRed, and the rival's desired name would be Kosaburou (yes, Butch). Also, I'd like to know, do the kana charts provided in the games allow for the -chan suffix to be typed? The Amaya character should have a Growlithe nicknamed "Masato-chan" (no connection whatsoever to Masato from the Advanced Generation series) and Kojirou would have one nicknamed "Gar-chan" (Yes, the Growlithe first seen in EP048). If someone could kindly post screenshots and tell me how to type Kojirou, Kosaburou, Masato-chan and Gar-chan, I would appreciate it greatly. Thanks in advance for your help, guys!