I am not sure where to put this, so put it here. Just thinking of new ideas and improvements to make the next games better:

Competitions: Make them better, have a round similar to Gen III contests, then maybe a dance and dress up round at start or something else.

New competitio idea: Battle round where you must face and win to a number of opponents, (the contest type still applies, smart, cute, cool, beauty and tough. The first part of that would be based on the pokemons condition, then second round will be battles

Your pokemon must be:

lv20-lv30 for Normal rank (if lv30, level goes down to lv20)
lv35-lv40 for super rank (if up to lv40, level goes down to lv35)
lv40-60 for ultra rank (if over lv40, level goes down to lv40)
(Master rank pokemon must be lv100)
this would be similar to battle tower in D/P. (You can use items in this part of contest)

in the battle part, you gain points for every foes pokemon you beat, and lose points for every one that beats your pokemon. YOu need so many points to get onto next round