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Thread: How would you make a multi-region game?

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    I personally hate minigames (ie. kabuto puzzle) so i wouldn't want to include them. I don't think all regions would work because doing all the badges would be too boring and the pokémon in region 4 would be too high level, unless the Pokémon you found increased level at a lower rate as you progressed, which would tip the gameplay off balance.

    New start per region would be too much like just including all the games on one cart, but you could bring more Pokémon over with you so you have to trade less.

    Personally, i think also that a Pokémon MMORPG should and will happen. If it was managed sensibly so that you could play in any region (there being a multi-region Pokémon league for the best in each region), there were enough parallel regions so that the worlds weren't too crowded, and you were able to catch Pokémon and fight trainers online still as well as get badges. Also it would have to be 'staggered' so at the beginning you find other n00b trainers, and if there are more experienced trainers lurking then you can decline to fight them. It's the next step as they are very fast running out of options when it comes to the traditional one-player quest now.

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    I agree with the mmo idea, but on the ds wifi connection. You would hook us wifi with the ds and travel around the 4 regions. The 32 gym leaders would all eventually be fought, but they all have around the same level of pokemon. Every month at Indigo Plateu, Ever Grande City, the Sinnoh elite 4 place, and the johto elite four place, a tournament would be held. Only someone with all eight of the regions badges can enter, and anyone is welcome. All levels are welcome, and a level 50 could fight a level 100 if they both had eight badges. It's broken down into a tournament like the battle dome. The orange islands, whirl islands, and battle frontier. High scores and such would be in the 3 areas each month, and the holder of the high score would get a prize like a master ball or something. Legendaries would be at all the usual locations, but everyone would have a chance at them. In legend dungeons, every player gets their own dungeon, unless they "group up" with a friend to tackle the dungeon, but at the end, only one player gets the legend. Legends like mew would be catchable in the wild, but only if you have an item that attracts it to your location, like a DNA sample or something for mew. Unlike other games, if the legend faints, you can try again tomarrow because saving would not be a factor. Since the catching difficulty of legends would be increases 10 or 15 times, they would be useable in the pokemon league. Hope everyone likes my idea!!!

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