Help, please.
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Thread: Help, please.

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    Default Help, please.

    My team has been defeated,I'm still waiting to rescued.
    Q58Q%F 6NX2W% T363--
    H86&&1 TN@7&H 7@29H&
    42F=YR 2&1K4# F&7M37
    The top right might not be right, try it anyway. If the password doesn't work,My then my team's name is Zapping Eves
    if you rescue me please post and tell me what you want for a reward. I may have it, I may not. If I don't,I'll post to let you know and you can ask for something else. You CAN ask about trade items and reviver seeds and other things like that.
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    Default Re: Help, please.

    Okay I've just been rescued,sorry I wasted your time..

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    Default Re: Help, please.

    Moving this to the Lost Tower sub-forum as it deals with PMD.

    Click to see my Trade Want/Offering Thread(:


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