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    So I started a new file on my Ruby, and I just got out of Victory road and I'm going to get my team ready for the Elite 4. I tried out some Pokemon I've never used before so I need some help and opinions on if my levels are decent or not for how far I am in the game. The moves I will list aren't the moves I will use but I will put what moves I was planning on putting and you guys can give me your opinion on what I should replace them with or not.

    So my first is:
    Gardevoir Lv. 51
    Future Sight
    This is a very bad setup, believe me I know, but this is the first time I ever used him so I have no idea what moves I should use with him so I need help with him

    Swellow Lv. 53
    Aerial Ace
    Wing Attack
    Quick Attack
    Well this is the same set up I used on Pegeot on B/R/G/LG/FR and it's worked alright but I need suggestions

    Here's my dragon, I've ALWAYS used Gyardos so be free to tell me what to use with him at all

    Salamence Lv. 53
    Headbut (would replace with body slam)
    Dragonbreath (probably replace with hyper beam)
    Ember (probably give him thunderbolt if he can use it or icebeam)

    Groudon lv. 55
    Slash (I probably want to keep this unless there is a better normal move he can use)
    Bulk Up (I think I made a huge mistake and should got rid of it when I could of learned Rest)
    Earthquake (keeping it.)
    Fire Blast (probably swap for flamethrower)

    Swampert Lv 57
    Muddy Water (I don't know what to replace it with)
    Earthquake (want to keep)
    Take Down (probably will keep it)
    Water gun (probably replace with water pulse)

    As for my 6th I do not have 1 I was planning on using a Absol or a Skarmory but I'm not sure who to use between the 2 or use someone else instead.

    I'm open to opinions.

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    I don't think you need 2 flying pokemon on the same team. In other words get rid of your Swellow.

    Also you won't want to add a THIRD flying type in your team!(Skamory)

    If you want to use Absol go ahead but I think you need a steel or electric type.

    Salamence should have a better moveset, I like this one:

    Swampert's moveset isn't too impressive. Here's my one:
    Facade/move of ur choice
    Linkin Park-Beast

    Well if they don't have a song like that they better make one!

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    Salamence cannot learn Outrage, Ice Beam or Thunderbolt. Some moves to consider for Salamence are Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Dragon Claw, Brick Break, Rock Slide, Earthquake, Fly, Aerial Ace, Crunch and Iron Tail. Personally, I suggest Fly/Aerial Ace, Earthquake, Rock Slide and Dragon Claw/Flamethrower as a moveset.

    Some good Gardevoir moves you haven't listed: Thunderbolt, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Thunderpunch

    I'd recommend Psychic, Thunderbolt, Ice Punch and Fire Punch. The elemental punches are from Emerald, so perhaps you don't have access to them. If so, you can try Hypnosis and Calm Mind over the punches.

    Swellow could use Return. It's obtained in a few places, but you can get one TM 27 a week in the southwest house in Pacifidlog.


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