Help me refine my team, please!

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Thread: Help me refine my team, please!

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    Default Help me refine my team, please!

    So, I think I've pretty much figured out my team for Emerald, but it's been ages since I've planned out movesets. Can you guys help me out?


    Ice Beam
    Take Down?


    Focus Punch
    Solar Beam
    Sunny Day
    Stun Spore/Mega Drain/Giga Drain?


    Charge/Rainy Day?
    Body Slam?
    Thunder Wave

    I swear some kid in the game had a Surfing Plusle or Minun...any idea how?


    Confuse Ray

    I guess she'd be a "Burnafusioner"?


    Steel Wing
    Mud Slap/Rock Slide?*

    *He could learn these through a Move Tutor, apparently, and it'd help fight against Fire and/or Electric...?


    Shadow Ball
    Faint Attack
    Mean Look/Confuse Ray/Fake Out?

    Alternately, in the last slot, I might want to put Fire Punch/Ice Punch/Thunderpunch (from a Move Tutor) just because I love those moves :)

    So yeah, I'm pretty happy with my Pokemon choices, but in each case I have at least one move that I'm unsure of. Any input would be appreciated! Thanks!

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    Wouldn't you like to know?


    Rest on last slot for Swampert. The Breloom set is sad. Try Spore / Focus Punch / Leech Seed / Sub.

    Surfing Plusle doesn't exist; it might surfing Pikachu or it was hacked.

    Ninetales Confuse ray won't work due to WoW. Try toxic over it.

    Sableye wants Seismic Toss / Recover / Knock Off / Toxic.

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    I've always been a fan of the sunny day/solar beam duo myself. What's wrong with the Breloom set?
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    Quote Originally Posted by julayfm View Post
    I've always been a fan of the sunny day/solar beam duo myself. What's wrong with the Breloom set?
    Well, I like Sunnybeaming too--it just isn't the right fit for Breloom. Although Breloom gets STAB for Solarbeam, his Special Attack is really poor. I've used a Breloom with Giga Drain, and...sadly, what a wasted moveslot. [Physical] Attack is Breloom's strength--in fact he has one of the highest base Attack stats in the game, so it's much better to play to his strengths here (Fighting + STAB). I like the Spore + Focus Punch combo. The only thing with adding Leech Seed and Substitute is that you only have one offensive move, and I personally rather dislike only having one offensive option. Substitute and Spore have the same purpose if you're wanting to use Focus Punch, so it's a little redundant. Mach Punch is cool--it's always good to consider having a first-attacking move on your team somewhere to finish things off.

    Quote Originally Posted by Juuka View Post
    Ninetales Confuse ray won't work due to WoW. Try toxic over it.
    Last time I checked, a foe Pokemon CAN be both confused and burned, but it CANNOT be both burned and poisoned. Ninetales looks ok to me; adds Safeguard support to the team.

    I worry a little about Plusle; his stats are really rather poor and so he might have a tough time holding his own (with his defenses, might not get a chance to use Charge + Thunderbolt). Also, Rain Dance would be paired with Thunder to gain 100% accuracy on the latter, although the same issue of bad defenses arises again. See if another of your Pokemon can support Plusle.

    Like Skarmory perhaps. The Skarmory I'm using now has this moveset: Drill Peck/Spikes/Steel Wing/Toxic. Throw out three layers of Spikes so that your opponent thinks twice about switching, then start using Toxic so they start thinking twice about thinking twice. *evil* Don't try to use Fly or Mud Slap, though. Sic your Swampert on those Electric and Fire types; Swampert fears neither (Rest is good on Swampert BTW). Rock Slide would be good to help you with Fire types, but it's not going to get STAB and it would be better to switch out and not let Skarmory face Fire anyway.

    As an aside, another Skarmory set I'm considering: Drill Peck or Toxic/Spikes/Steel Wing/Substitute + holding Leftovers. This set mainly to cover gaping weaknesses to Rock and Ice in the team this Skarmory's in.

    Sableye has better Attack than Special Attack, but not by a lot. Better to focus on Attack, Ghost STAB and/or Juuka's Annoyer set. Focus Punch is a possibility, and Night Shade is good if you want to be sure to deal a chunk of damage.
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