Hi there. I've posted this thread at other Pokemon Boards, and recieved zero feedback, but I've heard some good things about this place!

Without turning this into a 'Hiya I'm new' thread, I'm a programmer. I've been programming games for quite a few years now (I think it's on 5 or 6 currently) and as a hobby work as a freelance coder which brings in a little cash.

Now onto the discussion, imagine this scene, if you will. You're walking down the streets of Pallet Town, you see other trainers busily walking, standing around or even having a heated battle. You meet up with some friends, trade one of your Butterfree for that Pikachu you've been eyeing, then stock up on Pokeballs from a player selling them cheap. After some friendly duels your small group travel to the nearest gym and have a go at earning a badge. Unfortunately, the player that runs the gym has a darn good Onyx, so it's back to the forests for training.

I don't know about you, but being able to play a sort-of Pokemon MMORPG appeals to me. I was thinking of building an online Pokemon fangame, but if it ever got mildly popular it would be shut down by Nintendo (which is fair enough). What I'm actually trying to do, is design and build a game that emulates the core elements of Pokemon that make it a fun game. I'd really like it to not be a complete clone (note that there is nothing wrong with being influenced by a decent game) so any ideas on how to make that unique, PM me.

So, the discussion is, in a nut shell, what do you think would work (gameplay-wise) if Pokemon was to make the leap into the realms of MORPGs? What changes would have to be made to how the single-player games work as of now?

If you wish, I'll post some screenshots of what I've been working on so far.

Thanks for your input,
Matt (DizzyDoo)