Help Completing My Sapphire Pokedex

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Thread: Help Completing My Sapphire Pokedex

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    Default Help Completing My Sapphire Pokedex


    This is my first thread on a pokemon forum. I've been playing since the beginning, my favourite Pokemon game is Sapphire.

    Anyway, my pokedex is 378, my friends mock me because when we link up and battle, i have the worst record out of everyone, but i have a superior pokedex. I have made an effort to actually own as many of the creatures as i can rather than just having data, so i have alot of options.

    The pokemon i need to fullfill my goal are:

    Red/Green dex:

    Mew- Any tips on how to find this one would be very welcome

    Magmar- Keep searching One Island, and can't find it, anyone who could tell me the best place to look, i would be very greatful

    Gold/Silver dex:

    Lugia- Available on PC: Gale Of Darkness

    Ho-Oh- PC on Gamecube

    Magby- Need Magmar

    Celebi- Does anyone have him?

    Ruby/Sapphire dex:

    Milotic- SO hard to get. Any tips on how to evolve Feebas would be welcome...

    Deoxys- Only available via events i think...

    Thanks in advance.

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    Mew and Celebi are ONLY available via past Nintendo events, so you need to find somebody who has them to trade with.

    Lugia, Ho-oh, and Deoxys can be gotten through tickets to special islands, but to get these tickets, you had to have gotten them through past Nintendo events. However, you can easily get Lugia from Pokemon XD, and Ho-Oh can be obtained in Pokemon Colosseum by beating the Battle Mode's Mt. Battle. For Deoxys, you'll just have to find someone who has one to trade with.

    Magmar can be obtained through either LeafGreen OR Pokemon XD.

    To get Milotic, max out Feebas' Beauty condition by feeding it PokeBlocks that raise Beauty. The best in-game berries to make Beauty-raising PokeBlocks with are Pamtre berries. To get your seed Pamtre berry, talk to the Berry Master's wife in the house on route 123, and tell her, "Challenge Contest." Once your Feebas' Beauty won't raise any more, level it up once and you've got yourself a Milotic!

    Good luck!

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    Default Help has arrived

    Magmar is on island 1 in grass near the volcano.
    To evolve feebas simply max. it's beauty stat. and level it up.

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    You don't need Dexoys of Jorachi to complete your Hoenn Dex to get your piece of paper.

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    You could've gotten Mew on Sept. 30 at Toys R Us, but since that's over, try gamesharking, I wouldn't recommend it though.
    Ho-oh isn't that Hard to get on Colesseum, just beat Mt. 100 battle thingy and then beat the last guy and Ho-oh automatically joins your team.
    Hey, I know how you feel about your dex, I've got the same issue, worst record, superior pokedex. I have 274 right now...
    Hey, does anyone want to trade and Battle and stuff with me when Diamond and Pearl come out in America? It's really taking a loooong time.....

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    i have a complete pokedex as in all of them
    (someone gave me event pokemon but im a bit suspicious of how they were obtained)
    fasinating :P


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