Help Backing Up a Gen III Game Cartridge to a PC or SD Card
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Thread: Help Backing Up a Gen III Game Cartridge to a PC or SD Card

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    Question Help Backing Up a Gen III Game Cartridge to a PC or SD Card

    I searched the Lost Tower sub forum as thoroughly as I could and am surprised to find that (as far as I can tell) no one has ever covered this topic.

    I'm asking for some real baby step help in backing up the save files on my authentic copies of LG, E, Pt, & HG to a computer file. I don't care if I'm able to rewrite them to my legit carts or if I can only play them on an emulator. I do not intend to use them unless I have to. I merely want them in a safe place in the event that my game cards are stolen or damaged or die of old age. (Is that possible for them to die of old age?) As we can only cover one topic at a time let's focus on the gen III games since they are older and more likely to be damaged soonest. (Even though I'm using words like "emulator" I don't have one installed and have never used one.)

    As stated in my profile bio and first post in the welcome thread:
    I'm a really bad n00b when it comes to doing anything techy. I've spent hours reading through forums discussing backing up save files but cannot seem to be sure of exactly what I need to have and how to do it. It seems all of these conversations are more concerned with using cheats or pirated ROM files than creating a duplicate save file on a PC or SD card or whatever. I just want to see a file on my computer and know it is my save file, even if I can't overwrite it back onto it's original game card. The thought of something happening to my game cartridges causes me a lot of stress, you could even say I am paranoid about it. I would pay someone to do it if I knew anyone. "Here's my GBA SP, DSi, laptop, SD card, game cards, and $50. Do you want to use Windows 7 or the latest version of Ubuntu? I'd prefer Ubuntu." Just know I am super lame and will literally need you to hold my hand and walk me through each small step.

    Thank you so, so, infinitely much in advance for taking the time and effort to help me with this, and for being patient and allowing me to ask questions regarding the details of anything I'll be needing to do. Arceus Bless!

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    Quote Originally Posted by StrangeSeed View Post
    Is that possible for them to die of old age?
    LeafGreen and Emerald store their save files to flash memory so if the cartridge's internal battery dies then the save files are still good (although the clock will stop working on the Emerald).
    Platinum and HeartGold will not be affected by old age.
    This is a different case for Generation I and II, in which the save files get erased if the internal battery ever dies (although you're not asking about them).
    That being said, of course they're going to die from "old age"... everything gets worn out eventually. Even hardware with flash memory... which is why you're not supposed to rely on USB thumb-drives for storing files. But they most likely won't die any time soon.

    As for how to transfer them to a computer or anything, I have no idea. Sorry.
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