Hacking R/S/E pkmn's save file
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Thread: Hacking R/S/E pkmn's save file

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    Default Hacking R/S/E pkmn's save file

    Since I have seen this site wikipedia articles, I thought, there would be someone capable help me.
    I successfully found pokemon data strukture in the save file and I can read it, but any try of editing it ends in game's "Save file has been deleted". There must be some trick in it. Any detailed info about its and Pokémon data substructures coding and hashing and whatever welcomed.

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    I don't know if this is allowed, but what exactly are you trying to do? Are you hacking a ROM or your actual cartridge?

    PS: I'm a Mega Man fan too!

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    You will need to recalculate the checksums after modifying the save file.


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