Generation I - Is anyone a GameShark expert?
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Thread: Generation I - Is anyone a GameShark expert?

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    Default Generation I - Is anyone a GameShark expert?

    This post applies to the localized Red and Blue versions.

    Anyway, I've never used GameShark, but I was doing some research into the glitch Pokémon / "Pokégods" and found some GameShark codes that seem a little unusual.

    So first I looked up the general idea behind GameShark codes (since I have no experience with them) and it seems that the first two digits combined with the last four digits correspond to the piece of memory that a specific variable is located in, and the second and third digits represent the value that the variable is set to. Correct me if I'm wrong there.

    But I've noticed that the first two digits that I've come across always seem to be "01". So, do any codes exist that don't begin that way or are they all like that? Which brings me to two of these unusual codes I've found.
    6FBFD8CF and 03C3D8CF. I'm pretty sure that they are supposed to be wild Pokémon modifier codes to encounter glitch Pokémon BF (h POKé▒ ▒▒╗) and C3 (c), but why are the first two digits not "01"? (unless maybe they are supposed to be, but the websites got them wrong, since these were listed as "Pokégods" which were repeatedly copied / pasted between websites, probably without even being tested...)

    Second, a code I've found is
    which simply said "Ash can now Fly" (and I think "Ash" is referring to the glitch Dodrio E0, since the code listed before that was 01E064D1 (listed as "turn your first Pokémon into Ash" or something)).
    It very well could be fake, but if not, I'm wondering what it does. It's not a skill modifier code so it doesn't teach Fly to "Ash" like I first thought...

    Third unusual code,
    Due to what it supposedly did, it's obviously it's fake, but I was wondering if it does anything at all? And if so, what?

    01937CCF, 0102AB99, 01931ED1, 10939482, 1939482, 01931ED1
    These too are fake, but I was wondering if they do anything?

    Fifth, I've come across these codes,
    01B182CF and B123D7CF - one supposedly restores a save file that has been deleted / corrupted, the other supposedly changes Red Version into Blue Version and vice versa
    I'm assuming both are fake, but I figured I'd ask.

    One last one,
    0162FC58 was listed on a creepypasta video so I know it's fake, but does it do anything at all?

    I was also wondering what happens if you input an invalid code. Does it just ignore it? Or does it write some value into the memory and possibly mess things up? Is that the reason that some people have lost / corrupted their save files... because they input bad codes or something?

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    Default Re: Generation I - Is anyone a GameShark expert?

    Well, when I enter invaid codes onto my Action Replay, it doesn't seem to do anything.

    I'm a full time Pokemon Breeder! But please visit, I really do appreciate the help.


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