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    Default Gen V: Report in playing Black 1

    As some of you may know, I've started going backwards from the Pokemon game generation and played Black after finishing Y. I might as well let you know what I think of the game so far.

    Gen V: Should I play or should I not?

    I'm currently level grinding for the 8th and final badge in Opelucid. It's probably going to be another 2-3 weeks before I'm stepping into the entry hall of the gym.

    What were the highlights?

    There were many to count, but I especially liked how Black was no slouch in detailing the Unova region, just as much as how XY did for Kalos. Some may disagree with me, but Black/White seemed to be the pinnacle of sprite illustration, that would put Red/Blue/Yellow to shame.

    And of course there was the Unova region itself, the first region outside of Poke-Japan. I was very excited that Game Freak have started the trend of looking outside of Japan for inspirations. I guess I always longed to see the world outside of Japan (where I was born). It was refreshing to see what Poke-New York would look like. And there were a number or references that were made to real-life New York too. I wish GF will continue on illustrating the world map of Pokemon, and introduce another overseas region in Gen 7.

    The Musical was quite awesome to star in. There was the choice of dressing up my Emolga/Chicchino et al in the most elegant way possible, or dress my Throh in the most outlandish way I can think of. It was fun, it was addictive, and it was an valuable oppourtunity to engage with Pokemon that I normally don't use for battling.

    The story themes for this generation was also a plus. Particularly, the theme of different ideas chimed in with me. I actually grew up in the US, from kindergarden to 4th Grade, and I can certainly say that I was encouraged to think and form my own opinions. Then there was the issue of relationships between Pokemon and humans. It was really freaky and cool to see N's interactions with Pokemon, especially when he talked to my Emolga after beating Skyla. Ghetsis was also freaky in that he has a inhuman conviction to "liberate Pokemon from humans". Or so I think...

    While Cheren have been somewhat annoying in the later bits, Bianca was outright hilarious/heartwarming. I just couldn't help laughing when she trashed my/Hilda's room after the first rival battle. (Even better, the Wii is left unscathed!) Her animated sprite in the trainer battle was also funny and cute at the same time. At the same time, it was quite inspiring to see her interaction with Elesa, who encourages her to move on. She probably had the best rival character development, who goes from being unsure about her life, to finally finding a goal that she aspires to.

    Another major plus is the increased role of gym leaders outside their gyms. Their interactions with other characters, and particularly against Team Plasma makes a lot more sense, compared to the gym leaders in Kanto, Johto, and Kalos. (Don't know about Hoenn or Shinnoh.)

    The music has come a long way since Kanto and Johto. There's so much more expression in the music for Unova (and also Kalos). Especially, I liked how the city/town music are less shared between each city/town - it gives out individual character for each settlement.

    The lowlights?
    First off, it's level-grinding. I actually wished that the Exp All from Gen 6 was introduced in this generation, because as far, this gave me the biggest headache in terms of levelling up. Not only was there the scaling, but many of the wild Pokmon had various annoying moves that would send me straight to the Pokemon centre. Sure, Crystal had the experience yield issue too, but at least the wild Pokemon back then didn't have as many annoying moves.

    What to do from here?
    I'm wondering if there's a way to travel to Liberty Island. I know that the event distribution was finished ages ago, but I still would like to see the event involving Team Plasma vs Victini. The same also goes for the two Zoruas.

    Once I explored everything, I will get Black 2, and transfer some of my Pokemon from Black 1. Once I finish both games, then I will transfer Pokemon from both games to my Pokemon Y, continue my Pokemon Y, and complete the Gen 6National Dex!

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    Default Re: Gen V: Report in playing Black 1

    This might be better as a blog entry it doesnt seem like a discussion so I'll be closing this thread. Feel free to repost it as a blog.
    tumblr(not spoiler free)


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