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    Dear all

    I have just became a member of this society to inform you that I found out that there is a correction needed.
    As you perhaps already know, catching Mew on pokemon Yellow can be quite a bind. This glitch can be also used to catch other random pokemons.
    Today I found out that there is even a quicker way to glitch these random pokemon! In Mt. Moon there is a tunnel leading to a rocket which has the necessary elements to be able to perform the glitch! Since he is out of view at one point and when u take another step he shows up on your screen trying to challenge you. This is the rocket situated in the 2nd ladder down (counted from the entrance at the Pewter city side). After pressing start (I'm not going to explain the entire routine) you can use your escape rope that you found earlier on in the cave to exit the cave. Teleport away, let the glitch work it's magic and directly after teleing away re-enter the cave and find a trainer (plenty of 'em to choose from). Battle him and head back to the rocket. Upon entering the ladder that leads to the rocket, the final stage of the glitch will activate and a random pokemon (depending on which pokemon you battled last) will appear!

    I hope this isn't old news since I don't want to make a complete(r) fool out of myself :p
    I would like to make this change to the Bulbapedia website since they state the glitch is at the earliest executable in Cerulean city. I'd like to see my credentials then on that page (Yes I'm vain) but I have no clue how to do so... Can anyone help me?

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    It is old news. It's been known for a long time you can do this with other trainers. In fact, in Pokemon Yellow there are at least 30 (these are from the ones I've counted) one of which is in Viridian Forest (though this trainer is not in G/R/B). Also, its well known you can use any means which takes you some place else fly/dig/escape rope/teleport.

    Still though, I like findings and encourage your research. Also, I don't think Bulbapedia allows for credentials. It'll keep a record that you would were the one who edit the page to have that information but that's about it.
    Computer: There's an e-mail message! ... The 3 legendary bird POKéMON are ARTICUNO, ZAPDOS, and MOLTRES. Their whereabouts are unknown. We plan to explore the cavern close to CERULEAN.
    That couldn't have ended well.


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