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    Im having trouble with Zapdos... Anyone help me?? Im a Pikachu and i have Cyndaqual in my team...

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    ... I assume you mean in Mystery Dungeon?

    Recruit an Electrike on your way up Mt. Thunder if you can. That way, if Zapdos uses any electric attacks, Electrike will attract them, and they won't harm it at all. Then all you have to worry about are Zapdos' flying and plain attacks, which are easy to deal with if you have enough Oran Berries~

    Also, if you haven't already, it might prove useful to link Tail Whip with Quick Attack (obviously put Tail Whip first), so you'll be able to deal more damage with QA each turn.

    And if you still have trouble, just level up a bit. :Dd That always helps~


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