Dumbest/wierdest "old chateau" rumors
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Thread: Dumbest/wierdest "old chateau" rumors

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    Pumpkin Dumbest/wierdest "old chateau" rumors

    i've done my fair share of forum reading, and in my time i've seen some pretty rediculous stuff. some of that stuff was about eterna forest, specifically the old chateau. the ghosts (which aren't just rumors) opened up opportunity to posrt some stupid stuff. so, what did you hear?

    i got this idea from the get mew rumors thread, and i'm sorry if this is duplicating in some form.

    okay, people seem shy to post, so i'll start.

    basically, i was told to not leave the room you're in when you see the girl for 5 minutes. why? because she apparently calls up a gang of haunter and dusklops to attack you and if you lose, then you die. save file = gone. ...riiiiiiiight.

    so, i'll ask again... what did you hear?
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    Originally Posted by Ruizu1990
    There was a rumour that if you put two Pikachu cards together in the night, they'd "mate", and in the morning they'd be a Pichu card.


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