Cloudy weather in Route 213?

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Thread: Cloudy weather in Route 213?

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    Default Cloudy weather in Route 213?

    (I hope this is the right subforum to post this thread in, since I'm talking about the Pearl cartridge, and I guess now it's considered a "old" game since we're at the fifth gen now, anyway! Feel free to move this thread if you find a more appropriate directory.)

    I was walking from Valor Lakefront to Route 213 in Sinnoh and I realized that the screen has become slightly darker. It's morning in my game, and there was no rain to be seen, so I guess it's implied that the weather is cloudy there. Is it a default weather condition for that route (that I only realized now) or is it another one of those Weather-themed Easter eggs?

    Also, ITT, weird weather conditions of the overworld that you like or that you were surprised to find for the first time in the games.
    As for my favourite weather condition, I've always liked the "super-sunny" effect in Pokèmon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald (the one you get after waking up Groudon).
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    Arrow Re: Cloudy weather in Route 213?

    It's probably an Easter egg thing. If it's not that, then I don't know what it could be, as its never happened to me before I don't think.

    As for my favorite weather condition, I'd have to say the Three Snowflakes, like on Route 113.

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