hey, all. after thinking I had lost it for... oh, 3 years, I found my ancient gold verison, and decided to play it for old times sake. now, I just want to get you opinions on what would be a reall "ultimate team" so to speak in this game. even though it's been 3 years, I still know and remember all of the pokemon in G/S/C very well. right now, i've got in order of their annexation to my team:
buddy (typhlosion)
cecilia (pidegot)
zappy (ampharos)
flora (sunflora)
chico (primeape)
misty (lapras)
and yes, I know i'm silly for naming all of my pokemon.
they're all @ level 40 right now.

so... what would you add/remove from this team to make it IYHO the best around? I know i've already got a pretty well balanced team, I just want your opinions.